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Even some Israelis say their leaders fell into a trap, telling commandos to slide down ropes from hovering helicopters into an angry crowd. As the diplomatic repercussions spread worldwide, still another aid ship is scheduled to sail for Gaza today or tomorrow. We have updates from the Middle East, the UN and Washington, where the Obama Administration faces another awkward reality. Also, fears that the Korean Peninsula might be back on the brink of war are easing as South Korea moderates its verbal attack on the North for sinking a South Korean vessel.

Banner image: Israeli soldiers prepare to disembark a missile ship as the Israeli Navy intercepts peace boats bound for Gaza on May 31 in the Mediterranean sea, 70 miles from the cost of Gaza. Photo: Uriel Sinai-Pool/Getty Images

Making News Israel under Siege after Deadly Raid on Gaza Protest Flotilla 25 MIN, 58 SEC

Yesterday's deadly Israeli attack on a flotilla of ships bearing aid to the Gaza Strip has produced street demonstrations worldwide and a diplomatic firestorm. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cut short a trip that included a meeting with President Obama. Although Turkey is Israel's closest ally in the Muslim world, its Prime Minister called yesterday's attack "a bloody massacre." In Washington, the Turkish Foreign Minister, on his way to meet Secretary of State Hillary Cilnton, told CNN that Turkey wants an independent investigation…an apology from Israel…and compensation for Turks who lost their lives."

Edmund Sanders, Los Angeles Times (@edmundsanders)
Ilter Turan, Bilgi University
Amos Harel, Defense Analyst, Ha’aretz
Martin Indyk, Brookings Institution
Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy Magazine (@columlynch)

Innocent Abroad

Martin Indyk

Main Topic North Korea's Attack on South Korean War Ship 24 MIN, 38 SEC

South Korea is showing signs of trying to cool tensions with North Korea, despite the international conclusion that a North Korean torpedo sunk a South Korean ship last month, leaving 46 sailors dead or missing. One of many unanswered questions is why China has had so little to say. China was quick to condemn the Israeli attack on the aid ships, saying it was "shocked" and "appalled," and demanding "a quick response" from the UN Security Council.  We have updates from Seoul, the UN and Washington.

Don Kirk, The Atlantic
Victor Cha, Georgetown University / Center for Strategic and International Studies (@vcgiants)
Mike Chinoy, USC US-China Institute (@mikechinoy)

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