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Eighteen states and Washington, DC have legalized medical marijuana. Voters in Colorado and Washington have approved recreational use, and 52% of Americans agree. But, under federal law, marijuana is still as illegal as heroin. What’s really known about its risks and its benefits? Is it a case of Prohibition all over again? Also, will releasing hospital prices solve the mystery of medical costs? On Reporter's Notebook, sexual assault in the US military is up by 35 percent in just two years.  Is it time for change in the chain of command?

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Making News Will Releasing Hospital Prices Solve the Mystery of Medical Costs? 7 MIN, 50 SEC

For the first time today, the federal Centers for Medicare released the price tags for common medical procedures. Depending on the hospital involved, it turns out they can differ by orders of magnitude. Sarah Kliff is health policy reporter for the Washington Post.

Sarah Kliff, Vox (@sarahkliff)

Bitter Pills

Stephen Fried

Main Topic The Federal Dilemma over States Rights and Marijuana 35 MIN, 48 SEC

Federal law says marijuana's more dangerous than cocaine — as bad as heroin. Yet a lot has changed since the Federal Controlled Substances Act became law in 1970, and 52 percent of Americans want it legalized for recreational use. Colorado and Washington are the first states to go that far, but medical marijuana has been approved by voters in 18 states and the District of Columbia. What's the Obama Administration to do? A crackdown might lead to a backlash. But can it enforce the law differently in different parts of the country? Statements by the Drug Czar, the Attorney General and even the President are hard to reconcile. We look at the available options.

Earl Blumenauer, Congressman (D-OR) (@repblumenauer)
Troy Eid, former US Attorney
Norton Arbelaez, Medical Marijuana Industry Group
Stuart Taylor, Jr., Brookings Institution

Reporter's Notebook The Military's Sexual Predator Problem 7 MIN, 22 SEC

Since the Pentagon announced that sexual assaults in the military have increased by 35 percent between 2010 and 2012, there's been plenty of outrage. President Obama promised, "We're not going tolerate this stuff, and there will be accountability." But on Sunday, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinksi, the head of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response in the Air Force, was arrested for drunkenly approaching a woman in a parking lot and grabbing her breasts and buttocks. Robin Abcarian is a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, who's written about the issue since the Tailhook scandal in the 1990's.

Robin Abcarian, Los Angeles Times (@robinabcarian)

The Invisible War

Kirby Dick

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