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In many ways, Rwanda has recovered dramatically after the genocide that killed almost a million people 20 years ago. Hutus and Tutsis are living together again. But how deep is their "reconciliation?" What are the lessons for the rest of the world? Also, big challenges for new Health and Human Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell. On today's Talking Point, are professional hockey players the victims of violence? A lawsuit claims the National Hockey League concealed what it knew about long-term neurological damage.

Banner image: Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre. Photo: Trocaire

Big Challenges for New HHS Sec Sylvia Mathews Burwell 7 MIN, 50 SEC

Yesterday, Kathleen Sebelius resigned after five years as Secretary of Health and Human Services, including the disastrous roll-out of the Obamacare website. Today, President Obama thanked her and introduced his nominee to replace her. "We know there's still more work to do at HHS, there's more work to do to implement the Affordable Care Act…, and I could choose no manager as experienced, as competent, as my current director of the Office of Management and Budget, Sylvia Mathews Burwell." Jennifer Haberkorn is healthcare reporter for Politico.

Jennifer Haberkorn, Politico (@jenhab)

The Genocide in Rwanda: What Can Be Learned? 35 MIN, 35 SEC

There's still debate over who shot down the plane carrying the Hutu President of Rwanda in 1994, but there's no doubt what happened next: the systematic slaughter of up to a million rival Tutsis — men, women and children — in roughly 100 days. Instead of intervening, the UN Security Council withdrew all but 200 peacekeepers as the slaughter went on. Former President Bill Clinton has apologized for America's failure to act. This week has been one of commemoration, in a country that has reconstructed itself so completely it's even a good place to do business. Once again, Hutus and Tutsis live side by side — after almost two million so-called "trials of reconciliation" -- but some still insist that justice has not been served. What are the lessons for neighboring countries where ethnic hatred is the cause of widespread violence and for the international community?

Peter Gwin, National Geographic (@petergwin)
Francis Kabango, Anglican priest
Stephen D. Smith, USC Shoah Foundation Institute (@USCShoahFdn)
Margee Ensign, American University of Nigeria (@MargeeEnsign)
Stephen Zunes, University of San Francisco (@SZunes)

Ensign's 'Rwanda: History and Hope'
Kigali Genocide Memorial
National Geographic on 'Rwanda: The Art of Remembering and Forgetting'
USC Shoah Foundation on its work in Rwanda


Margee M. Ensign

Second Concussion Lawsuit Takes Aim at NHL Culture of Violence 7 MIN, 46 SEC

The National Football League has been hit by 200 lawsuits by players who've suffered concussions. Now the National Hockey League is being taken to court by nine former players. Not only are they seeking compensation and medical care from the NHL, they're also asking for changes in the way the game is played. Eric Macramalla is a lawyer based in Ontario, legal analyst for TSN.

Eric Macramalla, TSN Radio (@EricOnSportsLaw)

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