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Last week, Utah enacted a new law protecting the rights of lesbians, gays, bi-sexual and transgender people against some kinds of discrimination. We hear how the so-called "Utah Compromise" got the support of the Mormon Church, which dominates Utah and continues to oppose anything other than heterosexual lifestyles.

Also, under Obamacare the US sees its largest drop in the uninsured in 50 years, and new evidence that shows CIA money was used to finance the same militants the CIA was fighting in Pakistan.

Photo: Jay Jacobsen

Under Obamacare, Largest Drop in the Uninsured in 50 Years 6 MIN, 29 SEC

Obamacare had a rocky roll-out, and it faces an uncertain future at the US Supreme Court.  But today, Obama Administration officials reported that the Affordable Care Act has provided health insurance for 16.4 million people — the largest expansion of coverage since Medicare and Medicaid were established 50 years ago.  Jeffrey Young, who reports on healthcare for the Huffington Post, has more.

Jeff Young, Deputy Director, California Department of General Services

The "Utah Compromise" 33 MIN, 59 SEC

It's been seven years since the Mormon Church financed the anti-gay-marriage measure Proposition 8, in California. Times have changed. Last Thursday, after less than a week of deliberations, that same Mormon Church — which dominates the State of Utah — supported a law prohibiting discrimination in employment and housing against lesbians, gays, bi-sexual and transgender people.  It was passed 88 to 15 by a legislature with only one openly gay member, and was signed by the Mormon Governor Gary Herbert.  

There are gaping loopholes.  For example, religious organizations — including the Mormon Church — are exempted, even though they are major employers.  We hear why LGBT leaders are hailing it as the best they can get in Utah's "unique legal climate."

Jennifer Dobner, Salt Lake Tribune (@JenniferDobner)
Jim Dabakis, Utah State Senate (@JimDabakis)
Gayle Ruzicka, Utah Eagle Forum (@GayleRuzicka)
Sara Burlingame, Human Rights Campaign (@crazywomancreek)

Dobner on the little-known history behind Utah's LGBT non-discrimination law

How Covert CIA Cash Flowed to al Qaeda 9 MIN, 23 SEC

In the past 10 years, the US has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan — some in the form of bags full of American money. Sometimes, that cash has been used — inadvertently -- to finance the very militants the US has been fighting. In 2010, CIA drone strikes were decimating al Qaeda's high-level structure in Pakistan. At the same time, Osama bin Laden received $5 million to replenish his coffers — including one million from a surprising source, the CIA. That's according to documents and interviews reported by Matthew Rosenberg of the New York Times.

Photo: World Economic Forum

Matthew Rosenberg, New York Times (@mrosenbergNYT)

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