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Guest host Barbara Bogaev looks at what five years of civil war, regional strife and international terrorism has wrought in Syria. We hear dispatches from the humanitarian crisis that may well be getting worse.

Later on the program, would you like hollow points with that? A journalist spends three days behind the counter of Vegas Gun Shop.

Photo: A man selling pastries walks past the rubble of damaged buildings in the rebel held al-Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria, February 10, 2016. (Abdalrhman Ismail/Reuters)

Obama to Travel to Cuba Next Month 6 MIN, 29 SEC

White House officials today said President Obama will meet with Cuban President Raúl Castro and political dissidents when he makes an official trip to the island next month. The historic visit will mark the first time a sitting US president sets foot in Cuba in 88 years. (Calvin Coolidge arrived on a battleship, Obama's trip will be very different.) Josh Lederman is White House correspondent for the Associated Press.

Josh Lederman, Associated Press (@joshledermanAP)

A Portrait of Life ­­-- and Survival ­­-- in Syria 34 MIN, 17 SEC

After five years, this week the civil war in Syria reached new levels of violence despite talk of an international commitment to a ceasefire. This week, Aleppo. Syria's largest city and a longtime rebel stronghold, became a new and bloody battlefield. At least 50 people died when bombs hit four separate medical facilities and schools in the province ­­ airstrikes that US officials have blamed on Russia and the Assad government. All of this despite a United Nations­brokered ceasefire agreement, which is supposed to go into effect tomorrow. What is life like in a country strafed by bombs, looted by war profiteers, in cities subject to siege and families divided by politics? We talk to reporters and aid workers about the unique toll terrorism, civil strife and violence take on Syrians who cannot, or will not leave their country.

Anne Barnard, New York Times (@ABarnardNYT)
Dalia Al-Awqati, Mercy Corps (@mercycorps)
Borzou Daragahi, BuzzFeed News (@borzou)
Robin Yassin-Kassab, Qunfuz.com (@Qunfuz1)

Barnard on a Syrian officer's view of the war, death at the hands of ISIS
Al-Awqati on humanitarian efforts being at the breaking point, need for political solution
Daragahi on how Syria's regime is profiting from people under siege
Yassin-Kassab on the need for discussion among Syrians of all sides

Burning Country

Robin Yassin-Kassab

Three Days in a Las Vegas Gun Shop 9 MIN, 4 SEC

The debate over gun control tends to reduce guns to symbols ­ on the one hand violence, on the other a constitutional right that shall not be whittled away. But walk into any of the nation's some 50,000 odd gun stores and these weapons get very real, very fast. Bloomberg BusinessWeek reporter Paul Barrett recently spent three days in a gun shop in Las Vegas to get a better sense of the buyers, the sellers, and why sales are going up.

Paul Barrett, New York University (@AuthorPMBarrett)


Paul M. Barrett

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