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Gorsuch sworn in to fill ninth SCOTUS seat 6 MIN, 31 SEC

After more than a year since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, Neil Gorsuch was sworn in today as the ninth Justice of the US Supreme Court.

Today's oath was administered, not by Chief Justice John Roberts, but fellow Justice Anthony Kennedy. President Trump explained, “It is a fitting testament to Justice Kennedy's impact that upon giving the oath to Justice Gorsuch, he will become the first ever Supreme Court justice to serve with one of his former law clerks.” Mark Joseph Stern, who reports on the court for Slate.com, says Gorsuch will soon cast a vote in a series of blockbuster cases. 

Mark Joseph Stern, Slate (@mjs_DC)

Mixed messages from America's new hard line on Syria 34 MIN, 42 SEC

Last week, President Trump stunned the world by striking Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles in retaliation for Bashar al-Assad's use of chemical weapons against his own people. Since then, American diplomats have made contradictory statements in the aftermath of the attack.  Was it a "one-off" or is regime change the goal? And why has President Trump retaliated against Syria's use of chemical weapons — but not conventional weapons, which are just as deadly? America's G-7 allies are meeting in Italy to find a consensus for dealing with Syria -- and with Russia — the next stop for America's Secretary of State. Is it too soon for the "political solution" all sides claim to prefer, or will force be used in attempting to remove the Assad regime from power? 

Steve Scherer, Reuters (@SchererSteve)
David Filipov, Washington Post (@davidfilipov)
Kareem Shaheen, Guardian (@kshaheen)
Alia Malek, journalist and civil rights attorney (@AliaMalek)
Bassam Rifai, Free Syrian PAC / Syrian American Council

Scherer on on G7 ministers looking to persuade Russia to abandon Syria's Assad
Washington Post on US-Russia hitting new low as Tillerson takes tough stance against Assad
Shaheen on Trump's defense of missile launch

Special elections are energizing Democrats 8 MIN, 24 SEC

Democrats see a chance to improve their numbers in Congress… starting tomorrow.

Democratic candidate for Congress in Georgia, Jon Ossoff (2nd L) with
Senator John Lewis, Congressman Hank Johnson and Mereda Davis Johnson

President Trump has appointed Congressman Ryan Zinke of Montana to be Secretary of the Interior, Tom Price of Georgia as Secretary of Health and Human Services and Mike Pompeo of Kansas to run the CIA. Even the Democratic Campaign Committee thought they'd all be easily replaceable by other Republicans — but it may not turn out that way. That's according to "Bad News," the daily newsletter from Ryan Grim, Washington Bureau Chief for the Huffington Post.

Ryan Grim, Huffington Post (@ryangrim)

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