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Barack Obama has agreed to let Hillary Clinton be nominated at the Democratic convention, complete with a roll call of states and a parade on the floor. It's billed as a "symbolic" gesture, but it raises questions about who's really running the show. Also, Defense Secretary Robert Gates sees no prospect for US military force in Georgia, and secret agents for the United States during World War II later became famous for other reasons. We hear about 24,000 names released today after 60 years of secrecy.

Banner image: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in their first appearance at a joint campaign event, June 27, 2008 in Unity, New Hampshire. Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images


Whistling Past Dixie

Thomas Schaller

Making News Gates Says No US Military to Georgia 6 MIN, 26 SEC

gates_news_conf.jpgAt a news conference this morning, Defense Secretary Robert Gates outlined humanitarian effort in Georgia and discussed long-term implications for relations with Russia. He said the US has no desire to resume the Cold War, but that Russia's aim was to "punish" Georgia for being too close to the West. As Gates spoke, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was in Paris, on her way to Georgia's capital city of Tbilisi. Peter Spiegel covers the Pentagon for the Los Angeles Times.

Peter Spiegel, Financial Times (@SpiegelPeter)

Main Topic Come for the Clintons, Stay for Obama…Please 33 MIN, 8 SEC

In the closest primary race in history, Hillary Clinton almost became the first woman presidential nominee of a major American party. She and her supporters have since made it clear they're not going away, and there were signs of possible trouble if her name was not placed in nomination at the Democratic convention. The Obama campaign said today, it will. She already was scheduled to speak on Tuesday—with Bill Clinton on Wednesday—the same night as the vice presidential nominee. Is this evidence that Hillary is the choice for the second spot or is it proof that she's not?  In either case, will the Clintons still dominate the show? This comes amid revelations about Clinton's primary strategy against Obama, which appears to have been adopted by John McCain. What are the prospects for party unity?

Amy Chozick, New York Times (@amychozick)
Will Bower, Co-Founder, Just Say No Deal
Chris Lehane, Democratic strategist (@chrislehane)
Joshua Green, Bloomberg BusinessWeek; author of “Devil's Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency.” (@JoshuaGreen)
Tom Schaller, Professor of Political Science, University of Maryland

Reporter's Notebook 24,000 OSS Names Released Today 9 MIN, 51 SEC

oss_poster.jpgPresident Franklin Roosevelt created the Office of Strategic Services to help combat the Axis powers during World War II. Harry Truman folded it into the CIA 60 years ago, but OSS officers were under instructions never to reveal what they did. Today, the National Archives is releasing 35,000 personnel files with 24,000 names—including Julia Child, Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg and actor Sterling Hayden. Steven Tilley is Director of the Textual Archives Services Division of the Archives and Records Administration.

Steven Tilley, Director of the Textual Archives Services Division, National Archives


Warren Olney

Sonya Geis
Frances Anderton

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