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With five months to go until the presidential election, tens of millions of dollars are already being spent on campaign advertising. Are you listening? What are the risks of turning you off instead of turning you on? Also, slow growth in Europe triggers fears of a Euro break-up, and a Hollywood legend and military censorship in the aftermath of World War II.

Banner image: Screen grab from President Obama's 'Romney Economics' ad

Making News Slow Growth in Europe Triggers Fears of Euro Break-up 7 MIN, 16 SEC

European leaders continue to disagree on a way out of their debt crisis, and that's wreaking havoc on the Eurozone. It appears that things may get worse before they get better. Stephen Fidler is Brussels Bureau Chief for the Wall Street Journal.

Stephen Fidler, Wall Street Journal (@StephenFidler1)

Main Topic Masters of Persuasion Are Aiming for You 35 MIN, 38 SEC

It's not even summer and the presidential election is five months away, but campaign advertising has hit TV and the Internet earlier than ever as each candidate tries to define the other before he can define himself. The "electronic dogs of war" have already been loosed by the Obama and Romney campaigns, along with assorted Political Action Committees. The Obama campaign got into trouble with some of the President's own supporters this week with a TV commercial featuring laid-off workers at a company sold by Bain Capital when Mitt Romney was in charge. When prominent Democrats attacked the Obama attack ad, the Romney campaign struck back. What works with an electorate that's barely paying any attention at all? Is it time to go negative? How can voters tell the truth from the outright lies?




Gary Langer, Langer Research Associates and ABC News (@garylanger)
Peter Fenn, Fenn Communications / George Washington University (@peterhfenn)
Kathleen Hall Jamieson, University of Pennsylvania (@APPCPenn)
Jay Cost, Weekly Standard (@jaycosttws)

Spoiled Rotten

Jay Cost

Reporter's Notebook Restored John Huston Film Explores Psychological Wounds of War 7 MIN, 36 SEC

In 1945, at the request of the US Army, Hollywood's great director John Huston made a documentary about soldiers recovering from the psychological wounds of World War II. But the Army re-made it, and then suppressed the original for 35 years. Now, when Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a household word, a restored version is available on-line. Film historian and UC Davis English professor Scott Simmon wrote the essay released with the restored film on the website of the National Film Preservation Foundation.

Scott Simmon, University of California, Davis

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