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High-pitched political drama continues on Capitol Hill but, despite the rhetoric, enrollment for Obamacare will begin on Tuesday.  We hear what that could mean for millions of Americans, their employers, insurance companies and healthcare providers. Also, Wadjda -- the first feature film shot entirely in Saudi Arabia and directed by a woman in a county where women are segregated. We hear from the director.

Making News Senate Votes on Spending Bill, Obamacare 7 MIN, 49 SEC

The Senate has voted has voted unanimously to go ahead with a spending plan that avoids a government shutdown. That's despite the efforts of Texas Republican Senate Ted Cruz. He set a modern record last night and this morning by talking for 21 hours. He was protesting the Affordable Care Act, but he wasn't always talking about Obamacare. At one point, he even ready from Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham. Emily Pierce is deputy editor for Roll Call magazine.

Emily Pierce, Roll Call (@emilyprollcall)

Green Eggs & Ham

Theodor Geisel

Main Topic Obama Steps Up Obamacare Push 32 MIN, 23 SEC

A 21-hour filibuster by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has failed, but Republican protests against Obamacare continue on Capitol Hill. Obsession with the Affordable Care Act may leave less than a day to decide whether to shut down the government on Tuesday of next week. But even if that were to happen, Obamacare enrollment would begin on that same day. We hear how the options will differ from state to state. The campaign to persuade uninsured people to sign up is already under way, and so is the campaign to persuade them not to. Particular targets are the young and the healthy. Will medical insurance be more affordable? Will there be enough doctors? 

Sarah Binder, Brookings Institution (@bindersab)
Noam Levey, Los Angeles Times (@NoamLevey )
Mary Agnes Carey, Kaiser Health News (@maryagnescarey)
Ron Bonjean, Rokk Solutions (@RonBonjean)

Today's Talking Point Behind the Scene's of 'Wadjda,' Saudi Arabia's First Feature Film 11 MIN, 25 SEC

Remarkably, in a culture which segregates women, the first feature film ever shot entirely in Saudi Arabia was directed by a woman. Wadjda is the story of a 10-year old tomboy in Ryadh, Saudia Arabia. She longs for a bicycle, but it's not permitted. The film is now playing in selected American theaters. Even making it was a challenge. Director Haiffa Al-Mansour spoke with Kim Masters, host of KCRW's weekly show The Business.



Haiffa Al-Mansour, filmmaker (@HaifaaMansour)

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