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FBI reviews new emails linked to Clinton 6 MIN, 30 SEC

FBI Director James Comey said today that his agency had uncovered new emails related to the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server. That bombshell came 11 days before the election -- in the form of a letter to Congress. At a rally today in New Hampshire, Donald Trump tried to make political hay of the news. But Devlin Barrett, who covers the Justice Department for the Wall St Journal, says the investigation is more political than legal.

Devlin Barrett, Washington Post (@DevlinBarrett)

Cyberhacking, the Russian way 5 MIN

Cybersecurity experts quickly reached a worldwide consensus that the recent hack of Democratic National Committee emails bore a Russian fingerprint. But pinning down the Russian government's involvement in the leak is a harder case to make since most of the nation's expertise is focused in the private sector. This is according to the author of a book about to be published in Russian next week. The Red Web is about the unique history and makeup of Russia's cyberscene. Fred Weir, Moscow correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, spoke recently with the one of the authors.

Fred Weir, Christian Science Monitor (@fredweir3)

The Red Web

Andrei Soldatov

Obamacare premiums: October surprise? 34 MIN, 36 SEC

This week the Obama administration announced that more than 11 million consumers in the federal exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act will see their healthcare premiums jump by an average of 25 percent next year. In some states they could even double. As October surprises go, this week’s news should count as a boon to Republicans eager to gut the Obama administration’s prize legacy. But this election isn’t like any other. Guest host Barbara Bogaev explores how faltering health exchanges are playing on the campaign trail, and gets a status report from parts of the country where Obamacare is actually working as planned.

Dan Diamond, Politico (@ddiamond)
Jim Capretta, American Enterprise Institute (@aei)
Anthony Wright, Health Access California (@healthaccess)
Daniel Derksen, University of Arizona, Tucson

Diamond on dueling messages as ACA open enrollment looms
Diamond on the ongoing partisan battle over Obamacare
Capretta on a sickly Obamacare and Republicans' power to fix it

Reaction to Oregon occupation verdicts 8 MIN, 50 SEC

All seven anti-government protesters led by Ammon and Ryan Bundy in the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Occupation were found not guilty of federal conspiracy and weapons charges in federal district court in Portland yesterday. The verdict sent the courtroom into chaos and holds wide ranging implications for militia movements and the federal government’s control over public lands in the West. Amanda Peacher of Oregon Public Broadcasting covered the original stand-off at the refuge.

Amanda Peacher, Oregon Public Broadcasting (@amandapeacher)

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