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Last week, for the 56th time, House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare — knowing it would be likely to fail in the Senate. But the US Supreme Court is about to take up a case that could do part of it for them, depriving millions of newly subsidized health insurance. Both sides are preparing for the political fallout.

Also, President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel delay decision on lethal aid to Ukraine, and confusion over same-sex marriage in Alabama.

Image: House GOP

Obama and Merkel Delay Decision on Lethal Aid to Ukraine 6 MIN, 30 SEC

After meeting with President Obama at the White House today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel repeated her stand against giving Ukraine weapons to use against pro-Russian separatists. However, she assured, "No matter what we decide, the alliance between US and Europe will continue to stand and be solid even if on certain issues we don't always agree." The President, who said he's not yet made a decision about arming Ukraine, said he'd "consulted not just with Angela but will be consulting other leaders about this issue." Karen Donfried is President of the German Marshal Fund, a think-tank on transatlantic relations.

Karen Donfried, German Marshall Fund (@gmfus)

Does Obamacare Have a Shaky Future? 34 MIN, 23 SEC

This year's open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act is about to close, with almost 10 million people having signed up so far. Some six million could be in for a big surprise as the US Supreme Court might decide they're not entitled to subsidized health insurance after all. Most of them don't even know they might lose the new coverage they couldn't afford on their own. Now Republicans — who've failed to repeal Obamacare in Congress — could face a hornet's nest of angry constituents if the Court guts the law for them. Both sides are jockeying for political advantage as the Court prepares to hear arguments and make a decision.

Noam Levey, Los Angeles Times (@NoamLevey )
Jennifer Haberkorn, Politico (@jenhab)
Mollyann Brodie, Senior VP for Executive Operations, Kaiser Family Foundation (@Mollybrodie)
Ron Pollack, Families USA (@Ron_Pollack)
Peter Suderman, Reason magazine (@petersuderman)

Levey on Republicans' Obamacare alternative
Haberkorn on David King, the face of Supreme Court case
Kaiser Family Foundation on the public's reaction to potential SCOTUS ruling on subsidies
Families USA on what's at stake in King v. Burwell
Suderman on GOP, Obama Administration's preparation for SCOUTS outcome on Obamacare

Same Sex Marriage Proceeds in Alabama 9 MIN

When a federal court overturned Alabama's ban on same-sex marriage, the state appealed to the US Supreme Court. Today, the appeal was rejected, and same-sex couples lined up to apply for licenses. But the controversial Chief Justice of Alabama's State Supreme Court has ordered probate judges to continue observing state law. Chief Justice Roy Moore was removed from the bench after advocating a monument to the 10 commandments in a courthouse — and then re-elected. Pat Duggins is News Director at Alabama Public Radio, based in Tuscaloosa.

Pat Duggins, Alabama Public Radio (@PatDuggins)

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