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Republicans have promised to kill Obamacare since it went into effect two years ago. The third enrollment period has just begun, and sign-ups are only half what supporters predicted. But millions of people now have health coverage that didn't have it before… and it's a rule of politics that people don't like to give up their benefits. We get a progress report on Obamacare's political future.

Later on the program, taxpayers are buying patriotism at professional sports events. 

Photo: Newly elected Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin 

Making Sense of Intel Dispute on Russia Jet Suspicions 6 MIN, 21 SEC

US intelligence suggests the Russian plane that crashed last week above the Sinai Peninsula may have been brought down by an explosive device. After meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi today, British Prime Minister David Cameron cited the intelligence reports as the reason he cancelled British flights originating from the Egyptian resort town Sharm-el-Sheikh. Russian and Egyptian authorities have criticized that intelligence. Shane Harris is senior national security correspondent for the Daily Beast.

Shane Harris, Wall Street Journal / New America (@ShaneHarris)

Is Obamacare on the Chopping Block? 33 MIN, 22 SEC

Three years into Obamacare, the President's most controversial program is under-performing. Only half the enrollees predicted have signed up so far. Nevertheless, the rate of uninsured adults has dropped by 40% nationwide. So what about promises to kill off Obamacare? The Red State of Kentucky has been a success story, but this week a Tea-Party Republican won an upset election for Governor after pledging a roll-back. We get a progress report on Obamacare's political future.

Yevgeniy Feyman, Manhattan Institute (@YFeyman)
Jonathan S. Miller, RecoveringPolitician.com (@RecoveringPol)
Joanne Kenen, Politico (@JoanneKenen)
Ron Pollack, Families USA (@Ron_Pollack)
Mary Agnes Carey, Kaiser Health News (@maryagnescarey)

Politico on Governor-elect Bevin already backpedaling on his promise to repeal Obamacare
Feyman on reforming Obamacare by turning control over to states
Carey on why nearly half of the Obamacare co-ops have folded
Kaiser Health News on Texas changing its relationship to Obamacare
Families USA on top new enrollment resources

Millions of Tax Payers Dollars Spent on Pro-Sports Patriotism 9 MIN, 44 SEC

Elaborate celebrations of America’s military are common at professional sports events.  It turns out that the leagues are being paid by the Pentagon -- with your money.  

Arizona’s Republican Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake are staunch conservatives.  McCain was a POW during the war in Vietnam.  But he and Flake have released a report harshly critical of the Pentagon’s spending of taxpayer money to pay for patriotism.  We hear more from Les Carpenter, who writes about sports for the Guardian US.

Les Carpenter, Guardian US (@Lescarpenter)

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