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The deadly violence in Paris has re-ignited America's ongoing debate over immigration. Traditional values, policies and procedures are up against fears about national security. Is a ban on Muslim refugees fleeing Syria's civil war and terrorism by ISIS needed to keep America safe?

Later on the program, can Russia claw its way back into next summer's Olympics?  

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Raid Outside Paris Leaves Two Terrorist Suspects Dead 6 MIN, 30 SEC

A seven hour siege last night outside of Paris left two or three suspected terrorists dead and several others arrested. There have been 414 raids in the past three days. Investigators are testing DNA taken from today's raid to determine if the suspected ring leader of last Friday's terror attacks was one of those killed. Sebastian Rotella, senior reporter for ProPublica, reports on terrorism and joins us from Saint-Denis.

Sebastian Rotella, ProPublica (@ProPublica)

The Convert's Song

Sebastian Rotella

The Security Threat from Syrian Refugees: Rhetoric or Reality? 33 MIN, 55 SEC

America — the nation of immigrants — is divided again on yet another case of "huddled masses yearning to be free" after one of Friday's attackers in Paris was found to be carrying a Syrian passport. It's still not clear if the document was official or fake, but it's raised the possibility that one or more of the brutal terrorists crossed the French border disguised as a Syrian refugee. This year, the US has admitted 1800 Syrians who were fleeing civil war, and President Obama plans to admit 10,000 more. But that's created a political firestorm. Is a ban on Muslim refugees from Syria needed to keep America safe? Would it help ISIS recruiters show that the US is making war on Islam?

Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg Politics (@sahilkapur)
Maya Berry, Arab American Institute (@imayaberry)
Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies (@MarkSKrikorian)
Paul Waldman, American Prospect / Washington Post / The Week (@paulwaldman1)

Governor Ted Abbott to refuse Syrian refugees relocating to Texas
Washington Governor Jay Inslee on security protocols related to refugee resettlement
Governor Rick Snyder on pausing efforts to bring more refugees to Michigan
Kapur on GOP calls on to defund Obama's Syrian refugee program
Arab American Institute on the truth behind Syrian refugee resettlement in the US
Center for Immigration Studies on the cost of resettling Middle Eastern refugees
Waldman on whether GOP presidential candidates will try to reignite voters' fears

Can Russia Tackle Doping in Time for Rio? 8 MIN, 46 SEC

One week ago, the World Anti-Doping Agency reported that Russian officials conspired to cover up systematic, state sponsored doping of track and field athletes. The International Association of Athletic Federations quickly followed up with a provisional suspension. Today, the Anti-Doping Agency's chief investigator, Canada's Dick Pound, said Russia might be able to clean up for next summer's Games in Rio. Alan Abrahamson is founder and columnist for 3-Wire Sports, a blog about the Olympic Movement and international sports.

Mariya Savinova et Ekaterina Poistogova take the Gold and Bronze in the 800 meter race at the 2012 Olympics
Photo: Citizen 59

Alan Abrahamson, 3 Wire Sports / USC (@alanabrahamson)

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