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In the aftermath of the pedophilia scandal, Penn State football will be hit hard by NCAA sanctions. But will they change the culture of football nationwide and restore the balance between sports and the classroom? On Reporter's Notebook, after Mitt Romney slammed President Obama on his way overseas, campaign advisors tell British reporters the White House doesn’t appreciate a “shared history.” Also, Ford Motor Company's profits are down.

Making News Ford Predicts $1 Billion in European Losses 7 MIN, 4 SEC

The Ford Motor Company has been one of the success stories amid America’s era of economic troubles, the auto maker that didn’t require a bailout.  Now, Ford’s second-quarter profits are off 57%—down to 1billion dollars as compared to 2.4 billion a year ago. 

Mike Ramsey, Wall Street Journal (@MRamseyWSJ)

Main Topic Penn State, Football Culture and the NCAA 36 MIN, 5 SEC

The NCAA crackdown on Penn State is so harsh that a return to competitive football could take a decade if it ever happens at all. But will it “restore the balance between athletics and academics” by changing “the culture of football?” Don’t bet on it.

The nationwide issue is impunity—driven by money—with TV revenues rising and coaches paid more than college presidents. What about athletes who don’t share the proceeds of bowl games and March Madness? Is “amateurism” a hoax? What would real reform look like?

Joe Paterno’s former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky has been convicted of multiple counts of child sex abuse. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh found a culture of excessive reverence for football and fear of bad publicity. With unusual suddenness, the NCAA has imposed a $60-million dollar fine, reduced numbers of scholarships, and a four-year ban on bowl games. And it stripped the late coach Joe Paterno of 111 wins. The penalties on Penn State are unprecedented for the NCAA—and the intent is to go well beyond football.

Ben Jones, Reporter for StateCollege.com, covering Penn State football and basketball and student
Taylor Branch, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and historian (@taylorbranch)
Buzz Bissinger, Sports Columnist, The Daily Beast
Murray Sperber, University of California, Berkeley

Reporter's Notebook Romney Seeks Gravitas On Foreign Trip 7 MIN, 14 SEC

The Romney campaign has taken the ritual pledge not to speak ill of an incumbent president on foreign shores.  But in London today, two anonymous advisors have been quoted as saying Barack Obama can’t fully understand the “Anglo-Saxon heritage” the United States shares with Britain.  The White House has called that “stunningly offensive.”

Dan Balz, Washington Post (@danbalz)

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