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It's too early to call it a crisis, but it may be just a matter of time before an unmanned drone collides with a commercial airliner. Already, drones have interfered with aerial firefighters and injured people on city streets. Drone technology has many benefits, and it's growing fast. Is it time for regulation before it gets out of control?   

Also, what this week's plunge in the global financial markets means for Main Street. On today's Talking Point, Stephen Colbert reveals a lot about the man behind the mask.  

Impact of This Week's Plunge in Global Financial on Main Street 6 MIN, 30 SEC

The British stock market has fallen for eight straight days, the Hong Kong Market's in its worst slump since 2011 and, today Wall Street is ending its worst week since 2012. Is it time to panic? David Wessel is former Economics Editor at the Wall Street Journal. He's now director of the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Brookings Institution.

David Wessel, Brookings Institution (@davidmwessel)

New York Times on this week's global markets' sell-off
Market Watch on sell-off, China and emerging markets

Is a New Kind of Airborne Accident Just Waiting to Happen? 33 MIN, 18 SEC

Drone technology has many applications and it's creating an industry that's here to stay, but there are downsides. So far, no commercial airliner has been struck by an unmanned drone, but 650 pilots have reported drones near their flight paths — just this year. In the West, drones have interfered with aerial firefighting, and they've injured people on the streets of Seattle, Albuquerque, Tucson and Tampa. The FAA has only started to regulate commercial drones, and there are almost no rules for hobby drones, which are cheap to buy and easy to fly. Now, some states may be stepping in where Congress has failed to take action.

Here at KCRW in Santa Monica, we've been experimenting with DJI Phantom 2. You can check out our reporting on commercial drones, including their use for news coverage, at KCRW.com/drones.

Craig Whitlock, Washington Post (@CraigMWhitlock)
Brendan Schulman, DJI (@dronelaws)
Jim Williams, Dentons (@dentons)
Lisa Ellman, Hogan Lovells (@LeeLellman)

Whitlock on FAA's details on hundreds of close calls between airplanes and drones
Know before You Fly
Air Map
DJI tips, regulatory links and instructional videos to enhance safety, flying experience
Hogan Lovells on drones

Inside Stephen Colbert's Preparations for 'The Late Show' 10 MIN, 4 SEC

In two weeks when he takes over The Late Show on CBS, Stephen Colbert won't be the character that viewers of The Colbert Report on Comedy Central came to know. In the meantime, he's preparing in new and different ways and in so doing has revealed a good deal of what he's like behind the camera. Last month, viewers of a public access program in Monroe, Michigan got a surprise — live, at midnight.

The next morning, Colbert met with Joel Lovell, who was writing a profile for the latest edition of GQ magazine. Joel is also an editor for This American Life and The Atavist.

Joel Lovell, This American Life / The Atavist (@lovelljoel)

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