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After the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority met today, President Bush called for a regional conference on Middle East peace. What about the divided authority between the West Bank and Gaza? Do Israelis still believe that peace is possible? Also, Kirkuk sees its deadliest insurgent attack since the beginning of the war and, on Reporter's Notebook, the nation's largest Roman Catholic archdiocese comes up with $660 million to compensate sex abuse by priests.

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Making News Bombing Kills Scores in Kirkuk 6 MIN, 8 SEC

The northern city of Kirkuk today saw its deadliest attack by insurgents since the start of the war in Iraq. A suicide truck bomb and two smaller car bombs killed at least 85 people and wounded almost 200 more. Megan Greenwell is following the story for the Washington Post.

Megan Greenwell, Staff writer for the Washington Post

Main Topic Bush Calls for New Summit after Olmert-Abbas Meeting in Jerusalem 37 MIN, 39 SEC

After a summit meeting today between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, President Bush called for a regional conference, chaired by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, to resume the peace process. He offered US support to the new government in the West Bank with further efforts to isolate Hamas, which now controls Gaza. What about the divided authority between the West Bank and Gaza? Can there be peace with just part of the Palestinian Territories? Do Israelis still believe that peace is a realistic objective? We hear from Washington, Jerusalem and Gaza.

Paul Richter, State Department Correspondent for the Los Angeles Times
Joel Greenberg, freelance reporter
Hazem Abu Shanab, Palestinian political analyst
Mordechai Kedar, Arab Affairs Expert, Bar Ilan University
Tom Segev, Columnist, Ha'aretz

Reporter's Notebook Los Angeles Archdiocese to Pay $660 Million to 508 Victims 5 MIN, 6 SEC

Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles heads the nation's largest Roman Catholic Archdiocese, and he's agreed to the biggest settlement yet with victims of sex abuse by priests. The Los Angeles payout to victims is $660 million, roughly a third of the $2.1 billion that sexual abuse by priests has cost America's Roman Catholic Church in the past 5 years. Despite the payout, Mahony has not earned the forgiveness of all victims' groups, says Bryan Cones, associate editor of US Catholic magazine.

Bryan Cones, Associate Editor of US Catholic

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