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Photo: Personnel of the 624th Operations Center conduct cyber operations in support of the command and control of Air Force network operations and the joint requirements of Air Forces Cyber, the Air Force component of US Cyber Command (US Air Force)

Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti 6 MIN, 30 SEC

As Hurricane Matthew heads for Florida, President Obama cancelled today's campaign appearances there. From the headquarters of FEMA, he emphasized the severity of the storm and issued this warning. "Matthew could soon affect areas all across the southeast. So at my direction, FEMA has been on the ground in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, working with state and local officials to prepare"

The Governors of Florida and North Carolina are warning people to "prepare for the worst," but the island nation of Haiti might already have seen it. We get an update from Jacqueline Charles, who is there for the Brian Concannon, director of the Institute for Democracy and Justice in Haiti, who joins us from Boston.

Brian Concannon, Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

Miami Herald on flooding, destruction in Haiti

Reality Check: politics and the military 34 MIN, 22 SEC

Military strength and defense spending have been political footballs in every presidential campaign since the end of the Second World War. Now, the US spends more on troops and weapons than the next nine countries combined, while Donald Trump insists that we're weaker than ever. But insiders say Hillary Clinton sounds more likely to resort to force in foreign struggles the US can't resolve — or escape from once it's entangled. Where do they stand not just on traditional preparedness, but on the future of warfare in the cyberworld?  

Tom Bowman, NPR (@TBowmanNPR)
Phillip Lohaus, American Enterprise Institute (@philliplohaus)
Gordon Adams, American University / Foreign Policy magazine (@Gadams1941)
Elias Groll, Foreign Policy magazine (@EliasGroll)

Bowman on Trump unveiling his detailed national security proposals
AEI on on the national security issues no one is asking the candidate about
Groll on the FBI's arrest of Harold Martin, 'the next Snowden?'

The vice-presidential candidates' debate 9 MIN, 5 SEC

Mike Pence and Tim Kaine surprised the prognosticators in last night's vice presidential debate, introducing themselves to the voting public with a lively set of exchanges. Will it make any difference in the presidential campaign?

This year's vice presidential candidates were limited to just one debate in the campaign for the White House. They are both experienced political pros: former Congressman Mike Pence, now Republican Governor of Indiana, and Tim Kaine, former Democratic Governor of Virginia, now in the US Senate. David Weigel, who is covering the vice presidential nominees for the Washington Post, has an analysis.

David Weigel, Washington Post (@daveweigel)

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