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Antibiotics are essential to the so-called "miracle" of modern medicine. Now, antibiotic-resistant bacteria have shown up in meat and poultry sold at American grocery stores. Some claim that's evidence that antibiotics are losing their effectiveness because of overuse on American farms. Also, France and Italy join Britain in sending advisors to aid Libyan rebels, and the attack on Greg Mortenson over his book, Three Cups of Tea, and claims of building schools in rural Pakistan. 

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Making News France, Italy and Britain Send Advisors to Aid Libyan Rebels 7 MIN, 47 SEC

The UN Security Council resolution on Libya prohibits other countries from putting “boots on the ground.” Now the failure of air-strikes to counter Moammar Gadhafi's forces has led Britain, France and Italy to send military liaison officers to advise and train an increasingly desperate opposition. Mark Leon Goldberg is Managing Editor of UN Dispatch.

Mark Leon Goldberg, UN Dispatch (@marklgoldberg)

Main Topic Food Safety and Antibiotics for Healthy Farm Animals 32 MIN

Researchers in Arizona sampled meat and poultry sold at grocery stores in Flagstaff, Los Angeles, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale and Washington, DC. What they found has added fuel to the controversy over the use of antibiotics. Factory farmers use antibiotics not just to treat sick animals and prevent them from getting sick, but to make them grow bigger, faster. Last year, the FDA urged the industry to cut back because overuse may make dangerous bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Now antibiotic-resistant bacteria have been found on meat and poultry sold in grocery stores. Does it come from the meat or from human contact? Is it a potential danger in every American kitchen? Is antibiotic effectiveness itself at risk?

Maryn McKenna, Wired and Scientific American (@marynmc)
Guy Loneragan, Texas Tech University, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
James Johnson, University of Minnesota, Infectious Diseases Society of America
Brad Spellberg, LA County-USC Medical Center (@BradSpellberg)


Maryn McKenna

Reporter's Notebook Three Cups of Tea or Three Cups of Deceit? 11 MIN, 48 SEC

book1.jpgGreg Mortenson made an international sensation out of his book about building schools in Pakistan out of gratitude for his treatment by tribesmen after he got lost on a climbing expedition. Now he's accused of lying and making personal use of millions of dollars donated to his charity. Three Cups of Tea has come in for withering criticism from author Jon Krakauer, whose attack is called Three Cups of Deceit. Now, Mortenson's Central Asia Institute is being scrutinized by the attorney general of Montana, where the charity is located. Alex Heard, Editorial Director of Outside magazine, picks up the story.book.jpg

Alex Heard, Outside magazine

Three Cups of Deceit

Jon Krakauer

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