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America's long-time alliance with Saudi Arabia is fraying at the edges. There's the nuclear deal with Iran, Saudi aggression in Yemen and the long-time denial of human rights. Now a brash new Saudi leader is proposing major changes. We hear what the future might hold. 

Later on the program, for the past 40 years, every presidential candidate of a major party has released personal tax returns before the election. Hillary Clinton's are public already. Donald Trump is another story.

Photo: Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense Mohammed bin Salman (R) meets with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter as Carter arrives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia April 19, 2016. (Photo by Senior Master Sgt. Adrian Cadiz)

White House Issues Transgender Bathroom Rules for Schools 6 MIN, 30 SEC

The Obama Administration has stepped into the battle over the use of bathrooms by transgender students. Letters to schools across the country threaten the loss of education funding by the federal government. Dan Patrick, Lieutenant Governor of Texas, responded this morning on CNN, "We will not be blackmailed by the President's 30 pieces of silver… He’s not going to own our children… We will not sell out our government. And the state of Texas will find a way." Caitlin Emma is education reporter for Politico.

Caitlin Emma, Politico (@caitlinzemma)

Is the Desert Kingdom Ready for Change? 33 MIN, 31 SEC

Saudi Arabia wants to end its dependence on oil — at the same time it's increasing production. What sounds like a contradiction is the work of Mohammed bin Salman, a 30-year-old deputy crown prince in a country accustomed to rule by kings who serve into their 80's. But a restless new generation has elders worried about an "Arab Spring," at the same time Iran's influence is on the rise. In the US, there's criticism of repressive rule and alleged links to terror -- as well as warnings that weakening the alliance could open the way for China. 

Sarah Birke, Economist magazine (@sarah_birke)

The Economist on Saudi Arabia's post-oil future
Katulis on updating US-Saudi ties to reflect the new realities of today's Middle East

Will Voters Ever See Trump's Tax Returns? 9 MIN, 9 SEC

For the last 40 years, every major presidential candidate has released personal tax returns. Before that, Richard Nixon released his tax returns -- even while he was being audited by the IRS. Donald Trump has been asked many times if he'll do the same.

What do voters learn from a presidential candidate's tax returns? When it comes to Donald Trump, we may never find out says David Cay Johnston, who won a Pulitzer Prize reporting on taxes for the New York Times. He's now a columnist for the Daily Beast, Investipedia and USA Today.

David Cay Johnston, Daily Beast / Investipedia / DC Report (@DavidCayJ)

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