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Developing countries were given a pass in the Kyoto Protocol.  What about future agreements? What are China and India doing to cut the pollution problems that are booming along with their economies?  How should the West should engage them in reducing carbon emissions?  On Reporter's Notebook, whoever heard of a selfless NBA superstar? If you haven't already heard of LeBron James, get ready to be hearing a lot more about the team player who looks ready to inherit the mantle of Michael Jordan.  Sara Terry guest hosts.

Making News G8 Climate Deal; Putin Proposes Alternate Missile-Shield Site 5 MIN, 46 SEC

At the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, there were some surprising breakthroughs today.  Leaders announced they have reached an agreement on goals for cutting carbon emissions, and Russia's President Valdimir Putin has offered what could be a way out of his stand-off with George Bush about a missile defense shield. Craig Whitlock, who is covering the summit for the Washington Post, has the details.

Craig Whitlock, Washington Post (@CraigMWhitlock)

Main Topic Should World Help Developing Nations Control Carbon Emissions? 34 MIN, 49 SEC

As leaders at the G8 Summit today reached a surprising agreement about reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, what about the role of rapidly growing and rapidly polluting, developing countries, such as China and India? China's explosive economy is growing so fast that within twenty-five years, its total carbon dioxide emissions could be double the output of the world's richest nations.  Should the economic engines of developing countries be allowed to operate full-steam ahead, putting environmental concerns aside until later? How will economic goals of alleviating poverty be balanced against cutting emissions?  As Beijing gets ready for the 2008 Olympics, is it taking steps to curb pollution?

Andrew Revkin, ProPublica (@Revkin)
Fatih Birol, Chief Economist for the International Energy Agency
Joseph Kruger, Policy Director for the National Commission on Energy Policy
Indur Goklany, policy analyst

Reporter's Notebook LeBron and Le NBA Finals 7 MIN, 47 SEC

At tonight's opening game of the NBA finals, all eyes will be on the Cavalier's Lebron James, although he won't be the one seeking the spotlight.  The 22-year old is credited as being the player responsible for getting the Cavaliers into the finals for the first time in their 37-year history. But he's done it his way, as a passing, scoring, team-playing guy who shatters stereotypes of what it means to be an NBA superstar.  Henry Abbott writes ESPN's NBA blog, True Hoop.

Henry Abbott, Writer/blogger for ESPN

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