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The collapse of the for-profit Corinthian Colleges may cost American taxpayers $3.6 billion — even as declining taxpayer support has driven tuition sky high at public universities. Student debt is more than a trillion dollars, and it's already an issue in next year's presidential campaigns.

Also, political horse-trading goes into overdrive for a trade deal vote.  On today's Talking Point, a 6-year old American citizen who refuses to speak is collateral damage from policies that require her undocumented parents to leave the country. We hear about "American Exiles and Orphans."

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Political Horse-Trading Goes into Overdrive for Trade Deal Vote 6 MIN, 30 SEC

Fast track authority for free trade with Asian countries has been lobbied harder by the Obama White House than anything since the Affordable Care Act. The voting begins today, with unlikely coalitions on both sides. Reid Wilson is chief political correspondent for Morning Consult, a political newsletter.

Reid Wilson, The Hill (@PoliticsReid)

Trade Promotion Authority

Student Debt Is Out of Control: Is it Ever OK to Default? 33 MIN, 12 SEC

For baby boomers, the big issue was war and peace. For millennials it's student debt. That's according to a poll by Harvard University. With the average amount owed about $35,000, the total burden is more than a trillion dollars for college and graduate school for some 40 million Americans, — all of whom are old enough to vote. In the Washington Post, Danielle Douglas-Gabriel reports that presidential candidates of both political parties are addressing the issue. Meanwhile, the New York Times is being called irresponsible for an op-ed piece encouraging student debtors to default on their payments. Is that the start of a much-needed conversation or just lousy advice? We hear more about the high cost of higher education.

Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, Washington Post (@DaniDougPost)
William Deresiewicz, essayist and critic (@WDeresiewicz)
Sandy Baum, George Washington University (@urbaninstitute)
Brian Jacob, University of Michigan (@edpolicyford)

'Paying for the Party: How College Maintains Inequality'
Baum on who borrows the most for higher education and what lies ahead
Jacob's study on whether colleges cater to students' preferences for consumption

Excellent Sheep

William Deresiewicz

The Collateral Damage of the Immigration Debate 10 MIN, 7 SEC

This may be a "nation of immigrants," but unauthorized immigrants are no longer welcomed as “huddled masses yearning to be free. When their US-born children live in fear that their parents will be deported, they are collateral damage from harsh new policies. The title of a new book says it all: Forgotten Citizens: Deportation, Children and the Making of American Exiles and Orphans. It's about the people getting left out of the long, loud debate about immigration, the children of undocumented immigrants. The author is Luis Zayas, dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Texas, Austin.

Luis Zayas, University of Texas at Austin (@deanluishzayas )

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