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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the big winners in yesterday's voting, but there's a long way to go — and both parties are heading for uncharted territory. We update the latest political traffic on the road to the White House. 

Later on the program, the private letters of Osama bin Laden. 

SCOTUS Hears Arguments for Biggest Abortion Case in Decades 6 MIN, 30 SEC

The eight remaining members of the US Supreme Court heard arguments today on one of America's most controversial social, medical and legal issues: a woman's right to abortion. The case involved a Texas law imposing strict regulations on abortion clinics and doctors. Adam Liptak covers the court for the New York Times.

For the Moment It's Trump and Clinton, but How Long Will It Last? 35 MIN, 5 SEC

The Super Tuesday showdowns are over, and the New York Times' summary of the results reads, "Democrats are falling in line. Republicans are falling apart." Bernie Sanders says he'll stay in the race, but Hillary Clinton is no longer feeling "the Bern." Donald Trump won enough Republicans in enough states to declare, "I am a unifier." But Republican Party leaders are saying, "Not so fast," and are looking for ways to run Trump's bandwagon off the highway. We update the latest political traffic on the road to the White House.

Ben Carson on suspending his campaign
Our Principles PAC
Isenstadt on the Conservative group poised to launch anti-Trump push in Florida
Kondik on the continued GOP split that helps Trump, Hillary being well on her way
Thomas on Clinton's Super Tuesday win narrowing Sanders’ path
Stevens on Trump, bigotry and the GOP
Walsh on how South Carolina's black vote saved 2016 for Clinton

Newly Declassified Documents Portray a Paranoid bin Laden 8 MIN, 10 SEC

It's been five years since Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden. Now intelligence officials are releasing thousands of pages of documents discovered in his Pakistani hideout.

In his final days, the al Qaeda leader had many fears… about unmanned drones killing his lieutenants, about his sources of financial support — and about his wife's Iranian dentist. That's according to documents found in his hideout and now declassified by US intelligence agencies. Greg Miller is a Pulitzer-prize winning reporter for the Washington Post.

Greg Miller, Washington Post (@gregpmiller)

The Interrogators

Chris Mackey

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