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Conservative bloggers and some Republican leaders accuse the Obama Administration of trying to silence their voices in the name of homeland security.  What do reaction to a report on right wing extremists and this week’s Tax Day “tea parties” reveal about the direction of partisan politics? Also, EPA clears the way to regulate greenhouse gases, and brutal interrogation methods have been revealed along with legal justifications.  Will Bush Administration officials be investigated or prosecuted?

Banner image: A demonstrator waves an old torn US flag as others display placards during a 'Tea Party' protest in Santa Monica, California, on April 15. Photo: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

The Second Civil War

Ron Brownstein

Making News EPA Clears the Way to Regulate Greenhouse Gasses 5 MIN, 58 SEC

Two years ago, the US Supreme Court ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to determine if greenhouse gases harm the environment and public health. The Bush Administration took no action, but today, the Obama EPA said the evidence is “compelling and overwhelming.” Juliet Eilperin is national environmental reporter for the Washington Post.

Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post national affairs correspondent (@eilperin)

Main Topic Is Right-wing Extremism on the Rise? 35 MIN, 27 SEC

Conservative pundits are up in arms about a new report warning that right-wing extremists are a threat to America's internal security. Prepared in conjunction with the FBI and unlike a previous report about left-wing radicals, it contains few specifics and names no names, but it does say returning veterans could pose a danger. Though the Obama Administration has apologized for that, mainstream conservatives still insist they're under unwarranted political attack. We hear both sides and ask what this dispute and the Tax Day "tea parties" mean for the future of Republican politics.

Peter Roff, Senior Fellow, Institute for Liberty
Mark Potok, Editor, Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report
Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post (@JRubinBlogger)
Brian Levin, California State University, San Bernardino (@proflevin)
Ron Brownstein, Atlantic / CNN (@RonBrownstein)

Reporter's Notebook Memos May Expose Government Lawyers, Others to Prosecution 7 MIN, 27 SEC

Some of the Bush Administration's most closely guarded secrets have now been revealed in legal memos released by the Obama Justice Department, despite opposition by the CIA. Brutal interrogation tactics are described in graphic detail along with efforts to square them with international and American law. President Obama condemned a "dark and painful chapter in our history," but said "nothing will be gained by spending our time and energy laying blame for the past." Hofstra Law Professor Scott Horton is contributing editor to Harper's magazine, where he writes the "No Comment" blog.

Scott Horton, Columbia Law School / Harper's (@ColumbiaLaw)

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