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Ten years ago tomorrow, the US invaded Iraq. We begin a two-part series on the war and its aftermath. Today, the human cost to American veterans and their families – and the many Iraqis now desperately to leave a ruined country.

Tomorrow we'll look at the intelligence failures, the military miscalculations and the impact on America's role in the world.

Banner image: "Coffins," one for each of the soldier's killed in Iraq surrounded the end of the Reflecting Pool and the names of the dead were being read aloud during an Iraq War protest, October 23, 2004. Photo by kevinthoule

Main Topic Tenth Anniversary of the Iraq War: The Personal Impact 32 MIN, 42 SEC

In 2003, Saddam Hussein was said to have "weapons of mass destruction." There were hints he was tied to September 11. Eighty percent of Americans supported the US invasion. Ten years later, 58 percent say it was not worth years of unexpected combat, more than $2 trillion— and the deaths of 4500 Americans and 100,000 Iraqis. Marcos Soltero always wanted to be a Marine, and enlisted when he was 17 — two months after the Twin Towers collapsed in 2001. Linda Johnson watched both her husband and her youngest son go to war. Tomorrow, we'll look at why the war is so widely perceived to have gone wrong. Today, we focus on the human consequences: veterans and families coping with injured brains and bodies. Was there ever a real welcome home?

Steve Vogel, Washington Post (@steve_vogel)
Elspeth Cameron Ritchie, District of Columbia Department of Mental Health
Stacy Bare, Iraq War veteran
Matt Gallagher, Iraqi veteran (@MattGallagher83)

Fire and Forget

Matt Gallagher

Reporter's Notebook Is the US Doing Enough for the Iraqis We Left Behind? 17 MIN, 55 SEC

For those Iraqis who wanted an end to Saddam Hussein's dictatorship, working with American and British forces was a dangerous assignment. Tariq Abu Khumra finally made it to the US less than year ago, leaving his family in his home country. He now lives in the San Fernando Valley. He is just one of many Iraqis who are desperate to leave a ruined country.

Larry Bartlett, US Department of State
Taameem Almaliki, Iraqi refugee living in the US
Kirk Johnson, The List Project to Resettle Iraqi Allies (@KirkWJohnson)

To Be a Friend Is Fatal

Kirk W Johnson

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