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The 14th Amendment was enacted during Reconstruction after the Civil War, by a Congress dominated by Republicans. Is it time for a change to prevent the children of illegal immigrants from becoming citizens of the United States? Also, the US and South Korea engage in war games, and General Petraeus and American withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Banner image: Juliana Ambrosio from Brazil holds her 14-day-old daughter Raquel after taking the oath during a naturalization ceremony June 4, 2010 at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services offices of the Federal Building in New York. Photo: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

Reporter's Notebook General Petraeus Says Afghanistan War Strategy Is On Track

In interviews with major papers and appearances on TV, General David Petraeus has launched a public campaign on behalf of the so-called "counterinsurgency" strategy in Afghanistan. He says he'll give President Obama his "best military advice" when it comes to the timetable for American withdrawal. Obama wants US troops to begin withdrawing from Afghanistan next July, a deadline many think unrealistic. Rajiv Chandrasekaran, senior correspondent and associate editor at the Washington Post, recently interviewed Petraeus in Afghanistan.

Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Starbucks (@rajivscribe)

Imperial Life in the Emerald City

Rajiv Chandrasekaran

Making News The US and South Korea Play War Games Again

For the second time since a South Korean warship was sunk this spring, tens of thousands of US and South Korean troops are engaged in war games. South Korea calls it defensive. North Korea says it's preparation for an invasion and threatens a "merciless counterblow." Leon Sigal is director of the Northeast Asia Cooperative Security Project at the Social Science Research Council in New York.

Leon Sigal, Director, Social Science Research Council's Northeast Asia Cooperative Security Project

Disarming Strangers

Leon V. Sigal

Main Topic Illegal Immigration, the 14th Amendment and the Republican Party

Anyone born in the US is a citizen of the United States, even if the parents are illegal immigrants. That's the way the 14th Amendment has been applied. Now some Republicans want to amend the amendment, while some say the children of illegals could be factored out by an act of Congress. But other Republicans, including aides to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, say "birthright citizenship" is a proud legacy of the GOP and unique to America. The 14th Amendment gave equal rights to blacks. Is the current dispute about race?  Will it play a role in November's elections?


Ernest Istook, former Congressman (R-OK)
Victor Goode, Associate Professor of Law, CUNY Law School
Jonathan Allen, Sidewire / Roll Call (@jonallendc)
Demetrios Papademetriou, Migration Policy Institute (@MigrationPolicy)

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