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A sudden spike in the death of honeybees across the nation is alarming beekeepers, farmers and environmentalists.  Guest host Barbara Bogaev explores where all the honeybees have gone and what's causing it.

Also, FIFA president Sepp Blatter is re-elected for a fifth term -- despite the scandal that's rocked soccer. On today's Talking Point, the US removes Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terror.

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FIFA President Re-Elected 6 MIN, 30 SEC

FIFA has re-elected its president -- but in a much tighter race than expected. World soccer officials voting in Zurich, Switzerland today were divided on whether to give Sepp Blatter a fifth term amid the corruption charges that have been plaguing soccer’s world governing body this week. Although the first round of voting was inconclusive, Prince Ali bin Al Hussein conceded to Blatter.  James Montague covers the sport for World Soccer, CNN and BBC World Football. He's also the author of On the Road With Football's Outsiders: A World Cup Odyssey.

James Montague, freelance soccer journalist (@JamesPiotr)

Thirty-One Nil

James Montague

The Mysteriously Disappearing Honeybees 34 MIN, 13 SEC

Honeybees ­­ the tiny farm workers responsible for dozens of crops, from almonds to cherries have been dying off at alarming rates for more than two decades. Recently honeybee deaths have spiked ­­ beekeepers report they lost more than 40 percent of their hives in the past year. Scientists point to a number of possible explanations. Whatever the cause, honeybee services are worth about $10 to $15 billion a year to the agriculture industry. A White House task force has proposed planting wildflowers along pollination routes to help the ailing bees. But many environmentalists are more concerned about pesticide use. We explore the worrisome trend with honeybees and the multi­-billion-dollar agriculture industry that depends on them.

Bryan Walsh, Time magazine (@bryanrwalsh)
Lori Ann Burd, Center for Biological Diversity (@CenterForBioDiv)
Aaron Hobbs, Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (@DebugtheMyths)
Claire Kremen, University of California, Berkeley (@UCBerkeleyFood)
Michele Colopy, Pollinator Stewardship Council

EPA's role in the Federal Pollinator Health Task Force
Walsh on the honeybee colony collapse

US Removes Cuba from List of State Sponsors of Terror 8 MIN, 45 SEC

There was a major step forward in the process of normalizing relations with Cuba today as President Obama officially removed Cuba from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, where it's figured since 1982. The move, while expected, is historic. It follows meetings last month between Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro. But it doesn't mean that the US will lift all sanctions against our southern neighbor. Julia Sweig is a senior research fellow at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. She's also author of Cuba:  What Everyone Needs to Know.

Julia Sweig, University of Texas-Austin (@JuliaSweig)


Julia E. Sweig

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