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The President says the arrests of a black Harvard professor by a white Cambridge policeman provided a "teachable moment" on race relations. We hear contrasting views of the "beer summit" at the Obama White House. Also, a military colonel says it's time to leave Iraq, and Ireland will accept two prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, but the Obama Administration is still investigating another, even though he's been there for almost seven years.

Banner image: President Barack Obama, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sergeant James Crowley walk from the Oval Office to the Rose Garden of the White House. Official White House Photo: Pete Souza

Making News Colonel's Memo Says It's Time to Leave Iraq 7 MIN, 31 SEC

Ten thousand American troops are scheduled to leave Iraq by the end of this year and, yesterday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said another 5000 might depart before the end of December. Today, the New York Times reports that a senior military advisor in Baghdad says it's time "for the US to declare victory and go home." Michael Gordon wrote the story.

Michael R. Gordon, New York Times (@gordonnyt)

Cobra II

Michael Gordon and Bernard E. Trainor

Main Topic The Cop, the Professor and the President of the United States 37 MIN

In an incident now familiar to most Americans, a Harvard professor arrived home from a trip to China to find his door jammed. He and his driver tried to force it open, a neighbor reported a possible break-in and Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley showed up at the home. After a verbal confrontation about racial profiling, Henry Louis Gates was arrested outside for disorderly conduct, a charge that was later dismissed. The White House says tonight’s "beer summit" is an effort to start a dialogue on race relations in the United States. It follows President Obama’s comment that a white policeman acted “stupidly” by arresting Gates. Was it a case of “racial profiling?” Was the professor first to raise the issue of race? Did the President make a political blunder? Is it a "teachable moment" or a distraction from healthcare reform and the rest of the White House agenda?

Lynn Sweet, Washington Bureau Chief, Chicago Sun-Times
Wilmer Leon, Professor of Political Science, Howard University
Wayne Bennett, TheFieldNegro.com (@fieldnegro)
Eugene O'Donnell, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Reporter's Notebook Judge Orders Release of Young Guantanamo Detainee 6 MIN, 6 SEC

Ireland has agreed to take two prisoners the US no longer wants at Guantanamo Bay. A judge says another detainee is being held illegally, but after almost seven years, a criminal investigation is still going on. The Obama administration is negotiating for Mohammed Jawad’s return, but wants to examine what it calls new eyewitness evidence. Adam Zagorin is a contributor to Time magazine.

Adam Zagorin, Project on Government Oversight

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