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Democrats are increasingly worried that the nasty campaign between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is destroying what's supposed to be their race to win in November. Is it just them or is the party itself divided on race, gender, age and social class?  What does it all mean for November? Also, the Fed and JP Morgan step in to bailout Bear Stearns, and the Vatican's new list of sins, including pollution and getting too rich.

Making News The Fed and JP Morgan Step in to Bail Out Bear Stearns 6 MIN, 7 SEC

"Tough times," "hard times," "uncertainty in a difficult period," all terms used by President Bush today to describe the US economy. But in a speech to the Economic Club of New York, he insisted he's up-beat. However, just before the President's pep talk, JP Morgan and the Federal Reserve of New York stunned Wall Street by coming up with emergency floats to keep the investment bank Bear Stearns Companies afloat.  Liz Moyer is senior staff writer at Forbes.com.

Liz Moyer, Senior Staff Writer, Forbes

Main Topic The Democratic Party: Stuck in the Mud? 34 MIN, 57 SEC

The Democrats will make history by nominating either the first black or the first woman to run for President of the United States, generating more political energy than America has seen for decades, but as one writer has it, "the Democrats are stuck in their own mud." Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have enough votes and delegates to go all the way to the August convention, and the campaign gets nastier by the day. Is it all about who gets the power? What are the roles of race and gender? Is the party itself so divided that unity in November is at risk? Will all those new voters and Independents go to John McCain or just stay home?

Kevin Merida, Staff Writer, Washington Post
Kim Gandy, National Network to End Domestic Violence (@Kim_Gandy)
David Wilhelm, Manager, Clinton-Gore 1992 Presidential campaign
Matt Bennett, Third Way (@ThirdWayMattB)
John Mercurio, The Hotline
Joel Stein, Columnist, Time Magazine and author of 'Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity' (@thejoelstein)
Rosalind Burd-Leszczuk, Mother of Los Angeles Times columnist, Joel Stein

Reporter's Notebook Vatican Adds to List of Sins 7 MIN, 24 SEC

The Vatican has the Roman Catholic Church reminding the world that sin has a social dimension, as well as an individual one. Modern circumstances have created the possibility of new transgressions, or at least given old ones an added dimension.  For example, environmental pollution is now a considered a sin. Father James Martin is publisher of America magazine, a national Catholic weekly.

James Martin, America magazine (@JamesMartinSJ)

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