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The FBI investigation of so-called "inappropriate emails" has spread from the CIA to the Pentagon. Is the nation at risk? Is it really about the hubris of powerful men, designing women and Washington politics? Also, the Petraeus probe snags a top commander in Afghanistan, and get ready for "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2."

Banner image: Then-US Marine Corps Lt. Gen. John R. Allen (R) stand at attention during the reading of the orders promoting him to general at International Security Assistance Force headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan, July 18, 2011. To his left is US Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, then-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Photo by US Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley, © US Navy

Making News Petraeus Probe Snags Top Commander in Afghanistan 6 MIN, 54 SEC

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says one of the women associated with former CIA Director David Petraeus exchanged tens of thousands of pages of e-mails with General John Allen, Commander of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan, nominated to be Commander of NATO in Europe. At the White House briefing today, press secretary Jay Carney acknowledged that "at the request of the Secretary of Defense, the President has put forward, on hold, Allen's nomination as Supreme Allied Commander Europe pending the investigation." Greg Miller reports on intelligence for the Washington Post.

Greg Miller, Washington Post (@gregpmiller)

Main Topic The FBI, the CIA and Now, the Pentagon

The latest figure caught up in the Petraeus scandal is General John Allen, current Commander of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan. The Pentagon says he exchanged tens of thousands of pages of e-mail with one of the women caught up in the FBI’s Petraeus investigation. (Jill Kelley, a socialite friend of David and Holly Petraeus, told the FBI she’d been getting threatening emails. The FBI traced them to Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell and discovered that she and Petraeus had an affair. Petraeus resigned as Director of the CIA.) Have national security or military effectiveness been compromised?  Is there a cover-up of the CIA’s role in Benghazi, or are routine cases of high-level hanky-panky being magnified by the politics of exposure?

Scott Shane, New York Times (@ScottShaneNYT)
Jane Mayer, New Yorker (@JaneMayerNYer)
Paul Pillar, Georgetown University / Brookings Institution (@GeorgetownCSS)
Adam Entous, Washington Post (@adamentous)

Reporter's Notebook Latest First-Person Shooter Releases: Halo and Call of Duty 8 MIN, 48 SEC

Halo 4 was released a week ago. It made $220 million worldwide in its first 24 hours.  Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is being released today. Both are so-called "first-person shooter" video games, so popular that schools and businesses expect a drop in attendance today with the release of Black Ops 2. Dan Ackerman is senior editor at CNet, where he writes about video games.

Dan Ackerman, CNet (@danackerman)

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