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Uber is the most conspicuous company in the "sharing economy" that's turning jobs into gigs that don't have traditional worker protections. Presidential candidates are being challenged to thread their way between venture capitalists, business leaders and a new generation of employees.

Also, NASA’s successful Pluto fly-by. On today's Talking Point, President Obama, the Bully Pulpit and the Iran nuclear deal.

Photo: Uber protest in Portland, Oregon on January 13, 2015. (Aaron Parecki)

NASA's Successful Pluto Fly-by 6 MIN, 30 SEC

NASA launched the New Horizons spacecraft nine and a half years go, and last night — three billion miles later — pictures and other data began coming back from Pluto, the most distant object ever reached by human kind. The world's most famous astrophysicist, Stephen Hawking sent congratulations on YouTube.

Fran Bagenal leads the New Horizon's Particles and Plasma Team, and she's been on the project since the beginning.

See more images of New Horizon's mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt.

Fran Bagenal, NASA's New Horizons (@NASANewHorizons)

It's the "Gig Economy," Stupid… 32 MIN, 1 SEC

When Hillary Clinton said she was worried about insecurity in the workplace, Jeb Bush scoffed and promised to “hail” an Uber to go to his next event. Bush was supporting the “sharing economy” — and Clinton does, too, despite her reservations. The “sharing economy” is also being called the “gig economy,” because it’s changing the relationship between employers and employees, turning full-time jobs into part-time “gigs” -- liberating executives and workers, but without traditional worker protections.   That’s raising questions about taxes and government regulation -- questions that presidential candidates are being asked. Uber is just one of the new companies that “poses a challenge to longstanding notions of what it means to hold a job,” according to Noam Scheiber of the New York Times.

Noam Scheiber, New York Times (@noamscheiber)
David Rolf, Service Employees' International Union (@DavidMRolf)
Semil Shah, Haystack Fund (@semil)
Ben White, Politico / CNBC (@morningmoneyben)

David Lightman on Uber and the future of the economy, American politics
California Public Utilities Union penalizes Uber for failure to comply with reporting requirements

Selling Congress, and the Media, on the Iran Deal 11 MIN, 31 SEC

Since his first campaign for the White House, President Obama has promised to use the bargaining table instead of the battlefield.  The President has just ended a news conference at the White House about the nuclear deal with Iran. 

He faced reporters to defend the agreement between Iran, the US and five other world powers, framing the deal as a complex one that achieves the ultimate priority of preventing Iran from developing a bomb and he warned that the alternative was unimaginably worse. David Rothkopf is CEO and Editor of Foreign Policy magazine and the author of National Insecurity: American Leadership in an Age of Fear.

David Rothkopf, FP Group (@djrothkopf)

National Insecurity

David Rothkopf

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