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In recent polls, a majority of voters say they want the Democrats to re-capture the White House.  But John McCain is pulling even with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Has a friendly news media allowed McCain to obscure his views on big issues?  Although they’ve picked their nominee, are Republicans any more united than the Democrats?   Also, President Bush sees light at the end of the dark economic tunnel, and Native Dancer lost the Kentucky Derby in 1953, but his bloodline is now found in 75% of all thoroughbred horses—who share both speed and a tragic flaw.

Making News A Light at the End of the Dark Economic Tunnel? 5 MIN, 59 SEC

In St. Louis today, President Bush once again addressed the economy, contending that there is hope ahead. Sure enough, today's labor news was better than expected.  Last months, only 20,000 jobs were lost, as compared to the predicted 100,000.  James Politi is US economics and trade correspondent for London's Financial Times.

James Politi, US Economics and Trade Correspondent, Financial Times

Main Topic The GOP Candidate in What's Supposed to Be a 'Democratic Year' 35 MIN, 2 SEC

George Bush has a disapproval rating of 69%, the worst presidential rating in the history of the Gallup Poll.  The Wall Street Journal/NBC survey shows that just 27% of voters like the Republican Party. But it also indicates that the Republicans' presumptive presidential nominee, John McCain, who promises more of the same, runs nearly even against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Are the political media giving McCain a free ride?  Is he really the "maverick" he's made out to be? We hear about tax cuts, the economy and what he means by "victory" in Iraq. Once the Democrats resolve their nomination fight, will the campaign focus on issues, or will it all be about personality and image?

Jackie Calmes, New York Times (@calmesnyt)
Dana Milbank, Washington Post (@Milbank)
Cliff Schecter, Daily Beast (@cliffschecter)
Harlan Ullman, Atlantic Council
David Winston, Winston Group (@dhwinston)

Reporter's Notebook Horse Racing's Hapsburgs Run for the Roses 7 MIN, 22 SEC

Native Dancer failed to win the Kentucky Derby in 1953, but his bloodline is now found in 75% of all thoroughbred horses. The last 13 Kentucky Derby winners were his descendents, and in tomorrow's race all 20 of the entrants are related to him.  But there's a tragic flaw in the gene pool. That raises some disturbing questions, according to Jon Weinbach of the Wall Street Journal.

Jon Weinbach, sportswriter and filmmaker

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