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The last debate of this year's presidential campaign was the liveliest, but with three weeks to go, did it make a difference? We hear from Republican and Democratic strategists and get reaction from Indiana, Virginia and Ohio, states that could make the difference on election day. Also, EU leaders push for sweeping overhaul of the global financial system, and a Roman Catholic priest fired in California for defying church teaching on same sex marriage.

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Making News EU Leaders Push for Sweeping Overhaul of Global Financial System 6 MIN, 12 SEC

At Camp David this coming weekend, President Bush will meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has a mandate from the other leaders of the European Union: reconstruct the global financial system for the 21st century. Krishna Guha is chief US economic correspondent for the Financial Times.

Krishna Guha, US Economic Editor, Financial Times

Main Topic Last Call for Game-Changers 34 MIN, 43 SEC

In the depths of an economic crisis, recent polls show that attacks are backfiring on John McCain.  But the message from his Republican base was to come out swinging. That he did in last night's debate—on taxes, healthcare and Barack Obama's alleged association with 60's anti-war extremist Bill Ayers. In what's being called the "most intense," "spirited and combative" of their three debates, Obama maintained what one paper labeled "amused detachment." With so little time left, did it make a difference?  Did McCain successfully separate himself from President Bush?  Did Obama stay ahead by staying cool? What about the economy? We hear from strategists on both sides and get reaction from the battleground states of Virginia, Ohio and Indiana.

Jeff Schapiro, Political reporter and columnist, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Mary Beth Schneider, Indianapolis Star (@marybschneider)
Jonathan Risking, Washington Bureau Chief, Columbus Dispatch
Ed Kilgore, New York magazine / Democratic Strategist (@ed_kilgore)
Steve Kornacki, Salon.com (@SteveKornacki)
David Winston, Winston Group (@dhwinston)

Reporter's Notebook Priest at Odds with His Church over Gay Marriage 8 MIN, 25 SEC

In California next month, voters will be asked to overturn the State Supreme Court's ruling that gays and lesbians have the constitutional right to be married. Proposition 8 would establish that marriage can only occur between a man and a woman. The Roman Catholic Church is supporting the measure, and has effectively fired Father Geoffrey Farrow who defied church teaching in a sermon last week in the inland city of Fresno. Why did he defy the Church's teachings?

Geoffrey Farrow, former Pastor, St. Paul Newman Center

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