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Opposition to Islamic mosques is not confined to New York City and elsewhere it’s focused not on September 11 but on the Muslim religion. Are there parallels in American history? What are the consequences for the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom? Also, Obama catches a "primary" break in Colorado while Palin’s “Mama Grizzly” concedes in Georgia. On Reporter's Notebook, H1N1 flu has not been the worldwide killer predicted when the World Health Organization declared a "pandemic." Was there a false alarm?

Banner image: Opponents of a proposed Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero hold signs during a community board meeting to debate the issue in lower Manhattan May 25, 2010 in New York City. Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Making News Obama Catches a 'Primary' Break, Palin's 'Mama Grizzly' Concedes 7 MIN, 35 SEC

President Obama put his political clout on the line yesterday in Colorado's senatorial primary, and the results are more favorable for him than a lot of Democrats feared. Reid Wilson is Editor in Chief of The Hotline, National Journal's daily briefing on politics.

Reid Wilson, The Hill (@PoliticsReid)

Main Topic The 'Mosque at Ground Zero' and Religious Freedom 35 MIN, 47 SEC

The furor over what's called "the mosque" near Ground Zero centers on part of a $100 million project called Cordoba House. Opponents, including some high-profile Christian and Jewish groups, call it "insensitive" to the families of people who died on September 11. Elsewhere in the country, opposition to new mosques began with concerns about traffic and parking, but lately it's focused on the Muslim religion itself. Islam has been called a "cult" that encourages terrorist bombers and is accused of secret plans to bring Shariah law to America. That's raised concerns about the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom. Is a basic American principle at risk at a time of uncertainty over economics and immigration?

Laurie Goodstein, New York Times (@lauriegnyt)
Richard Land, Southern Baptist Convention (@erlcsbc)
Aziz Poonawalla, Author, BeliefNet's City of Brass blog
Ronald Kessler, author, 'The First Family Detail' (@RonaldKessler)
Stephan Salisbury, Cultural Writer, Philadelphia Inquirer

Mohamed's Ghosts

Stephan Salisbury

Reporter's Notebook World Health Organization Declares Swine Flu Pandemic Over 7 MIN, 22 SEC

More than a year ago, the World Health Organization sparked a flurry of vaccine production, travel restrictions and public health advisories when it declared that H1N1 flu was a worldwide pandemic. But only 19,000 have died, compared to the 500,000 killed during a typical flu season, and today H1N1 was downgraded. Was it a false alarm?  Will that produce complacency in the future? Betsy McKay is Atlanta Bureau Chief covering public health for the Wall Street Journal

Betsy McKay, Wall Street Journal (@betswrites)

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