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The least productive Congress gives way to a new Congress today, just hours after the last session grappled with fiscal cliff legislation. Guest host Sara Terry looks at what's first on this term's agenda and who will wield power. What can this Congress get done? Will relationships among Republican legislators continue to fracture? Also, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton steps down from her latest post with the highest approval ratings of her lifetime. What legacy does she leave behind?  Is another run for the White House likely in 2016?

Banner image: (L) House Speaker John Boehner, photo by Gage Skidmore; (R) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, photo by Marc Nozell

Main Topic 113th Congress Sworn in, with Boehner at the Helm 24 MIN, 1 SEC

The 113th Congress is sworn in to office today. Technically it's a new Congress, but 95 percent of the members from the 112th Congress who made it to the ballot in November will be returning to take up their seats again. So how new is new? Will it be back to broken, as usual in recent years or will new relationships emerge that offer promise of getting things done? Will fiscal issues dominate the entire session?

Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post (@edatpost)
Ron Bonjean, Rokk Solutions (@RonBonjean)
Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times (@hiltzikm)

Main Topic New Beginnings for Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 27 MIN, 44 SEC

Lawyer, First Lady, US Senator, presidential candidate, Secretary of State… Hillary Clinton has racked up one of the most impressive resumes in American politics. As Secretary of State serving the man she once battled for the presidency, she's logged nearly a million travel miles with visits to 112 countries. This month, Clinton ends another chapter in her long career of public service this month, when she leaves her post as Secretary of State. Over the years, she has been cheered, jeered, vilified -- and held up as a role model. Over the past few days, news about her health has been in the headlines – she was released from a New York hospital today after three days of treatment for a blood clot near her brain, with a prognosis for full recovery. But what kind of headlines will she be making in the future? Will it include another run for the White House in 2016?

Carroll Doherty, Pew Research Center for the People and the Press (@CarrollDoherty)
Aaron David Miller, Wilson Center (@aarondmiller2)
Walter Shapiro, Roll Call / Yale University (@MrWalterShapiro)
Karen Beckwith, Case Western Reserve University

Political Women and American Democracy

Karen Beckwith, Christina Wolbrecht, Lisa Baldez

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