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They're celebrating in Sinaloa province, where Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán is a local hero. But in Mexico City and Washington DC, his prison escape is a nightmare involving government corruption and international traffic in heroin and cocaine.

Also, investigators probe the travel history of the Chattanooga shooter who killed four Marines. On today's Talking Point, how did a routine traffic stop lead to a hanging in a Texas jail?

Photo: A photographer exits a tunnel connected to the Altiplano Federal Penitentiary and used by drug lord Guzmán to escape, in Almoloya de Juarez, on the outskirts of Mexico City, July 14, 2015. (Edgard Garrido/Reuters)

Investigators Probe Chattanooga Shooter's Travel History 6 MIN, 30 SEC

No motive has been established for yesterday's killing of four Marines at a military reserve unit in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A recruiting station was shot up as well. The shooter was Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, and one line of investigation is a trip to Jordan he took last year. Greg Miller is national security correspondent for the Washington Post.

Greg Miller, Washington Post (@gregpmiller)

The Interrogators

Chris Mackey

The World's Most Wanted Man Is Back on the Loose 33 MIN, 37 SEC

This week's escape of drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has turned glittering success into abject failure for Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The sophisticated tunnel built under the noses of prison officials has made a mockery of security and raised suspicion of official complicity. Guzmán's cartel is reportedly the main supplier of cocaine and heroin to the United States, and his show of power is a blow to international cooperation. We follow the story on both sides of the border. 

Carrie Kahn, NPR (@ckahn)
Javier Aceves, BuzzFeed Mexico (@elbaxter)
David Shirk, University of San Diego (@shirktwit)
Steven Dudley, InSight Crime (@stevensdudley)

BuzzFeed Mexico on neighbors at El Chapo escape site seeing nothing
USD's Justice in Mexico's 2015 report on drug violence in Mexico
InSight Crime on El Chapo's escape as illustration of Mexico's prison problem
Dudley on El Chapo's second escape threatening Mexico's national security plans

Questions Raised about Texas Jail Hanging 10 MIN, 15 SEC

The FBI has been called in to investigate the hanging death of a young, black woman in a Texas jail. The official cause is "suicide," but her family finds that incomprehensible. On Friday afternoon, Sandra Bland had just accepted a new job at her alma mater, Prairie View A&M in Waller County, Texas. On the road, she was stopped by a state trooper for failing to signal while changing lanes. Police say she became combative, and she was taken to jail. Monday morning, she was found hung from a noose made with a trash bag in her cell. State legislators are demanding answers.

St. John Barned-Smith, Houston Chronicle (@stjbs)
Royce West, Texas State Senate (@senroycewest)

Barned-Smith on questions surrounding Bland's death
Houston Chronicle on Waller County Jail not being in compliance
Senator West's letter to DPS Director McCraw about the Bland traffic stop


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