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Guest host Barbara Bogaev considers what tomorrow's presidential contests in Nevada and South Carolina say about the viability of establishment candidates momentum have real staying power.

Later on the program, shame and narcissism on the campaign trail.

Photo: Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders

US Airstrikes Target ISIS in Libya 6 MIN, 13 SEC

Today American warplanes struck an Islamic State training camp in Libya, reportedly in an attempt to target a senior operative from Tunisia based there. Libyan officials claim at least 40 people were killed in the airstrikes, but as of yet it's not confirmed if the operative is among the dead. Until now the US has mostly concentrated the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but Libya has emerged as the third stronghold for the extremist group. Gordon Lubold, Pentagon reporter for the Wall Street Journal, has the story.

Gordon Lubold, Wall Street Journal (@glubold)

A Tale of Two States in the Race for the White House 34 MIN, 31 SEC

Tomorrow's contests in South Carolina and Nevada will be an important test of whether establishment candidates still have a shot in this election year. If Nevada voters "feel the Bern," it signals that non-white voters, long considered Clinton supporters, are open to the maverick message. It's also central to tomorrow's Republican primary in South Carolina, where polls show Donald Trump as the frontrunner, despite his lack of evangelical Christian cred and a no-vote from the Pope himself. It's a state that predicted the GOP nominee every election but one in the past 35 years. We go to both states to take the temperature of southern evangelical voters and Latino Democrats.

Robert Lang, University of Nevada, Las Vegas / Brookings Institution (@brkingsmtnwest)
Antonio Gonzalez, Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (@SuVotoEsSuVoz)
Bill Whalen, Hoover Institution (@hooverwhalen)
Scott Huffmon, Winthrop University (@winthroppoll)
Bill Rauch, politician and author

Lang on why Nevada matters
Winthrop Poll of SC Republican presidential primary likely voters
Winthrop Poll of SC Democratic presidential primary likely voters
Rauch on Trump's appeal to evangelicals amid a crowded Republican field


Bill Rauch

Shame and Narcissism on the Campaign Trail 8 MIN, 8 SEC

What if candidates could say whatever they pleased without ramifications? Some of them seem to be doing just that this campaign season. Demagogues and self-promoters are by no means new to American politics, but somehow in this race they seem to have been immunized to the effects of public shame. That's according to Mark Leibovich at the New York Times Magazine.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Mark Leibovich, New York Times (@MarkLeibovich)

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Mark Leibovich

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