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President Obama looked comfortable in his first State of the Union speech since his re-election.  Many of his themes were familiar from last year's campaign—and so is the Republican reaction. We hear excerpts and different versions of what the future might hold.  Also, a possible end to the Christopher Dorner manhunt. On Reporters Notebook, the Olympic Games — without wrestling?

Banner image: President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address on February 12, 2013. Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

Making News Possible End to Christopher Dorner Manhunt 7 MIN, 32 SEC

A week-long manhunt that became an international news event has finally ended in the mountains east of Los Angeles. Christopher Dorner, a former officer of the Los Angeles Police Department, appears to have died in a burning cabin after a shootout with Sheriff's Deputies from San Bernardino County. Andrew Blankstein reports for the LA Times.

Andrew Blankstein, NBC Investigations (@‏anblanx)

Main Topic The State of the Union Speech: The Rhetoric and the Reality 34 MIN, 30 SEC

In a State of the Union speech every President speaks over the heads of the Joint Session of Congress to the American people. One of those moments came at the end of last night's address, with victims of gun violence in the audience. A "simple vote" won't be easy in a divided Congress — on gun control, climate change or a whole list of initiatives he said won't raise the deficit "a single dime." We hear divided reaction from an Obama supporter, a critic of "warmed over liberalism" and a progressive with doubts about "follow through."

Glenn Thrush, New York Times (@GlennThrush)
David Leonhardt, New York Times (@DLeonhardt)
Noam Scheiber, New York Times (@noamscheiber)
Mona Charen, Ethics and Public Policy Institute / National Review Online (@monacharenEPPC)
David Sirota, International Business Times (@davidsirota)

Reporter's Notebook IOC's Wrestling Call Sparks Outrage 8 MIN, 27 SEC

The sport — some call it the art — of wrestling goes back to the ancient Greeks. It's in the Book of Genesis. But, despite the origins of the Olympics, wrestling won't be part of the next international games. Wrestling fans and traditionalists are outraged at the International Olympic Committee. But Alan Abrahamson says they don't understand the workings of the modern IOC.  He's founder and columnist for 3 Wire Sports, a blog about the Olympic movement and international athletics.

Alan Abrahamson, 3 Wire Sports / USC (@alanabrahamson)

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