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Thirty-four seats in the Senate are up for grabs in November – 24 of them now held by Republicans. Democrats need a net gain of just five to regain control of the chamber. What are their chances? Guest host Todd Purdum explores Donald Trump's impact on hotly contested Senate races around the country, in states from Illinois and Wisconsin, to Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

Later on the program, the secret sauce that makes a Broadway musical.

Photo: Republican Rob Portman of Ohio is one of those whose Senate seat is at risk (Gage Skidmore)

Suspect in Paris Attacks Captured Alive 6 MIN, 30 SEC

A dramatic police raid in Brussels today appears to have captured a suspect in the Paris terror attacks. He is Salah Abdeslam, who reportedly fled France for Belgium after the November 13 attacks that left 130 people dead. Sebastian Rotella, a senior reporter for Pro Publica in Washington, has covered terrorism as a foreign correspondent for many years, and has been following the Paris attacks from the beginning.

Sebastian Rotella, ProPublica (@ProPublica)

The Guardian on Abdeslam's arrest

The Race for Control of the Senate and the "Trump Effect" 33 MIN, 10 SEC

Donald Trump's march to the White House may have riled the Republican establishment, but it's giving Democrats fresh hope that they can reclaim control of the Senate in November. With 34 seats up for grabs – 24 of them now held by Republicans -- Democrats need a net gain of just five to regain control of the chamber. Seven of those are especially at risk, because they're in states that Barack Obama won in 2008 and 2012. The Senate Republican leadership's refusal to grant even a hearing to Judge Merrick Garland, Obama's nominee for the Supreme Court, is adding fuel to the fire. Will Republicans pay a price for balking on the High Court? Will Trump be an albatross that sinks the rest of the GOP? We hear how his surprising success is threatening Republican Senators from Illinois and Wisconsin to Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

Reid Wilson, The Hill (@PoliticsReid)
Cliff Schecter, Daily Beast (@cliffschecter)
Bill Whalen, Hoover Institution (@hooverwhalen)
Norman Ornstein, American Enterprise Institute / Atlantic (@NormOrnstein)

Democrats use Trump in ad to take back the Senate
Wilson on the battle for the control of the US Senate
Ornstein on a Trump presidency and the grim reality of American politics

The Secret to Storytelling in Musicals 10 MIN, 12 SEC

Together with jazz, the Broadway musical may be America's most original contribution to the arts. What's made it such an enduring form, from Oklahoma to Hamilton? It turns out, the best shows all share a few storytelling secrets, and no one knows more about that than Jack Viertel, author of The Secret Life of the American Musical: How Broadway Shows Are Built. A veteran producer, Viertel is the artistic director of New York City Center's “Encores!” series of classic musicals in concert. He's also a former drama critic and editor.

Jack Viertel, New York City Center (@NYCityCenter)

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