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From Tea Partiers on the Right to MoveOn.org on the Left, Americans are losing confidence in Washington. Is public policy for sale in Congress? Has the Supreme Court made things worse by taking the limits off campaign spending by special interests? Also, it's down to the wire on the healthcare bill. On Reporter's Notebook, allegations of child-abuse by priests all over Europe have rocked the Vatican. We hear what Pope Benedict XVI might be planning to say tomorrow.

Banner image: Mousepad being sold to help fund the Murray Hill for Congress campaign. Note that use of this image is for illustration only and is not intended to indicate endorsement of the campaign.

Making News Down to the Wire on the Healthcare Bill 7 MIN, 47 SEC

With Congress set to vote on healthcare reform this Sunday, vote counting is underway in earnest on Capitol Hill. Having postponed his trip to Asia, the President is back on the campaign trail. Today speaking to students at George Mason University in Northern Virginia, the President emphasized that he still believes "we can do what's right." Jeff Zeleny is White House correspondent for the New York Times.

Jeff Zeleny, New York Times (@jeffzeleny)

Main Topic The US Supreme Court: Free Speech and Money in Politics 37 MIN

The US Supreme Court has taken the limits off campaign spending by corporations and unions. Has that liberated a major cause of corruption? Critics say public policy is for sale in Congress, and that unlimited special-interest spending will make things worse for both Liberals and Conservatives. Defenders say corporations and unions have rights of free speech, like people.  Does that mean they can run for office? One corporation has already declared its candidacy. We talk about issues at the heart of Americans' declining confidence in their government.

Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School (@lessig)
Steve Hoersting, Vice President, Center for Competitive Politics
Eric Hensal, 'Designated Human,' Murry Hill Inc for Congress campaign
Kenneth Vogel, New York Times (@kenvogel)

Reporter's Notebook Growing Pedophile Scandal Rocks Catholic Church in Europe 6 MIN, 11 SEC

Revelations of child-abuse and cover-ups by Roman Catholic clergy are causing outrage in the Netherlands, in Austria and in Germany, where Pope Benedict XVI was Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger. The rash of sex scandals has the Vatican defending the Pope himself, and he's promised a pastoral letter of healing tomorrow. It will be addressed to the faithful in Ireland.  Edward Lucas is International Editor for The Economist.

Edward Lucas, The Economist (@edwardlucas)

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