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Turkey, which the US calls a stable Democracy, is increasingly polarized — as demonstrated by this weekend's local elections. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan is promising to increase his crackdown on the political opposition, which includes a former ally who lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania. We look at the potential repercussions for the Middle East, Europe and for America's interests. Also, Obamacare hits its target enrollment -- and then some. On today's Talking Point, did the CIA mislead Americans to justify torture? Will President Obama declassify a massive Senate report that's created a public dispute with the agency?

Banner image: Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan (L), accompanied by his son Bilal and daughter Sumeyye, greets his supporters at the AK Party headquarters in Ankara March 30, 2014. Photo: Stringer/Reuters

Obamacare Hits Target Enrollment, and Then Some 7 MIN, 49 SEC

The disastrous early roll-out of the website healthcare.gov decreased expectations and increased political criticism of Obamacare. Now it appears the original prediction of seven million signups was accomplished after all by yesterday's deadline.  Jeffery Young reports on healthcare for the Huffington Post.

Jeffrey Young, Huffington Post (@JeffYoung)

Is Turkey the Next Dictatorship? 35 MIN, 25 SEC

Turkey is both the historic "crossroads of Europe and Asia" and a powerful presence in the Middle East. As recently as 2009, President Obama visited Turkey and praised Tayyip Erdogan for curbing the military and showing that Islam can coexist with democracy. Since then, the Prime Minister has brutalized protesters, banned Twitter and YouTube, and jailed scores of reporters. This weekend, after his party won local elections around the country, he promised criminal action against his opponents and said, "There will be those who have to flee." Will he try to prolong his rule?  What's at stake for Syria, Iran, Israel and the European Union?  Is it time for the US to start paying attention?

Henri Barkey, Lehigh University / Wilson Center (@hbarkey)
Hugh Pope, International Crisis Group (@Hugh_Pope)
Pinar Tremblay, Al Monitor / California State Polytechnic University Pomona (@pinartremblay)
Steven A. Cook, Council on Foreign Relations (@stevenacook)

Cook's 'Ruling but Not Governing: The Military and Political Development in Egypt, Algeria and Turkey'
Pope's 'Turkey Unveiled: A History of Modern Turkey'
Tremblay on Turkish 'prohibition' culture

Turkey Unveiled

Hugh Pope and Nicole Pope

Did the CIA Mislead on Torture to Justify It? 8 MIN, 8 SEC

The Senate Intelligence Committee and CIA have accused each other of possible crimes in handling information about brutal prisoner interrogations during the war on terror. On Thursday, the Committee may ask President Obama to declassify part of its massive report on the matter. Meantime, new details have leaked. Greg Miller co-authored today's story in the Washington Post.

Greg Miller, Washington Post (@gregpmiller)

Miller's 'The Interrogators: Inside the Secret War against al Qaeda'

The Interrogators

Greg Miller and Chris Mackey

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