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Photo: Crew members aboard the VOS Raasay recover US and British Royal Navy ocean gliders taking part in the Unmanned Warrior exercise off the northwest coast of Scotland, October 8, 2016. A similar unmanned underwater vehicle was seized by the Chinese Navy in international waters off the coast of the Philippines on December 15. Navy photo by Cmdr. Santiago Carrizosa

Police on manhunt for Berlin attack suspect 6 MIN, 32 SEC

As we go to air, a manhunt is underway across Europe for the suspect in Monday’s truck attack on the Berlin Christmas market. German prosecutors have issued a warrant for Anis Amri, a 24 year old Tunisian man who was denied asylum in Germany and considered a security risk.

German news agencies are reporting that Amri has ties to an Iraqi recruiter for the Islamic State, which has claimed responsibility for the attack. Reporter Anton Troianovski, who is in Berlin for the Wall Street Journal, says the Amri was slated to be deported but that police didn't have enough evidence to arrest him.

Anton Troianovski, Wall Street Journal (@AntonWSJ)

Drones, tweets, and the new US-China rivalry 33 MIN, 37 SEC

China has returned the US naval drone it seized five days earlier in the open waters of the South China Sea -- and got a lashing by President-elect Trump on Twitter. Trump has already irked America's rival superpower by breaking protocol and speaking with Taiwan's President, challenging the "One China" rule, and talking about trade tariffs.  Is the drone incident a test of an incoming administration bent on challenging China on trade, or a troubling sign of Chinese aggression in the South China Sea? Even some foreign policy experts skeptical of President Trump say it's high time Washington took a tougher stance with Beijing. So what does the incident tell us about the future of the US-China relationship with a Russia-friendly, unpredictable and confrontation-prone leader in the White House.

Orville Schell, Asia Society (@orvilleschell)
David Wertime, Foreign Policy (@dwertime)
Robert Daly, Wilson Center (@kissingerinst)
James Kraska, US Naval War College (@JamesKraska)

Huffington Post on Trump inserting himself in China drone seizure

FedEx shipping empire faces a gathering storm 9 MIN, 27 SEC

Next year will we all be getting our holiday packages delivered by drones flying out of driverless vans ?

Four delivery days left until Christmas and streets are jammed with brown UPS trucks. But by this time next year, will your friendly delivery person be replaced by a driverless car or a drone? Technology and new paradigms are shaking up the shipping industry and threatening to topple the dominance of the traditional giants, FedEx and UPS. Sarah Halzack, national retail reporter for the Washington Post, has been covering this story.


Sarah Halzack, Washington Post (@sarahhalzack)

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