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College students and graduates have racked up more than a trillion dollars in student loan debt, as the cost of a higher education is rising fast. Why are colleges and universities increasing tuition instead of cutting expenses? Is online learning on the verge of changing the way Americans prepare themselves for employment in the so-called "knowledge economy?" Also, the G8 Summit convenes at Camp David. On Reporter's Notebook, this weekend, six playoff games will be played in both hockey and basketball — in one single arena. Crews will have 80 hours to change a wood floor into an ice rink and back again. It all happens at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles.

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Making News The G8 Summit Convenes at Camp David 7 MIN, 35 SEC

President Obama today welcomed the new French President, François Hollande, to the White House for the first time. They're on their way to Camp David for the G8 Summit of the world's economic leaders. Michael Hirsh is chief correspondent for the National Journal.

Michael Hirsh, Politico Magazine (@michaelphirsh)

Main Topic Rising Cost and the Future of Higher Education 36 MIN, 36 SEC

Tuition and other expenses have gone up so much there's now a consensus that higher education costs too much, at the same time it's more necessary than ever. Two-thirds of students are taking out loans, and collectively owe a trillion dollars — more than the total of credit card debt. Do the loans themselves allow colleges to spend more than they need to? Why are public universities also charging much more? Will cheap, online courses now offered by Stanford, Harvard, MIT and Google transform the college experience and make campuses obsolete? We hear from educators and a graduate who owes $55,000 in student loans.

Rachel Stalcup, Habitat for Humanity
Richard Vedder, Center for College Affordability and Productivity (@RichardVedder)
Brian Rosenberg, Macalester College
John McCardell, University of the South
Sebastian Thrun, Udacity (@SebastianThrun)

Going Broke by Degree

Richard Vedder

Reporter's Notebook Hectic Weekend at Staples Center 6 MIN, 49 SEC

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says "there's been no better time" for LA sports fans in the history of Los Angeles. Three teams are in championship playoffs in different sports — all in the same arena — and just up the road at their stadium the Dodgers are leading their baseball division. A crew at the Staples Center will have just 80 hours to set up for six playoff games in professional basketball and hockey. Also this weekend, the country's largest stage cycling race will finish in downtown LA. Matt "Money" Smith is co-host of the Petros and Money show on Fox Sports Radio.

Matt 'Money' Smith, 'Petros and Money' (@mattmoneysmith)

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