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More and more Americans are taking their computers when they head to the wilderness to supposedly get away from it all. With Wi-Fi access increasingly available at campgrounds, some folks just can't resist the call of the Internet. Guest host Judy Muller explores the multi-tasking world we live in and whether we're addicted, or merely adept. Also, progress on the nuclear stand-off between the US and North Korea and, on Reporter's Notebook, David Beckham takes the soccer field next week with the L.A. Galaxy and a paycheck of $32.5 million. What will American soccer get in return?

Making News North Korea Proposes Military Talks with US 5 MIN, 50 SEC

North Korea's military today proposed holding direct talks with US forces to work towards ensuring security on the Korean Peninsula. The request came amid progress on resolving the nuclear stand-off between the two countries. Tomorrow, inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency will be the first inspection team entering North Korea in nearly five years. The chief US envoy wants the north’s nuclear reactor completely disabled by year's end, and UN inspectors are optimistic they can supervise the shut-down. Former US Ambassador Donald Gregg is chairman of the Korea Society which promotes dialogue between the US and both Koreas.

Donald Gregg, Chairman of the Korea Society

Main Topic Wi-Fi in the Wilderness 32 MIN, 42 SEC

As Americans head off to campgrounds this summer, they'll be packing their tents, sleeping bags, and laptops. That's right...laptops. Camping used to be about getting away from it all. Now, if you drive past campgrounds or RV parks, you're likely to see signs advertising wi-fi access. Gone are the days when a few songs around the campfire would suffice for our entertainment in the woods. Now wireless connections can keep Americans in touch with their email, even with the office. This news follows the recent launch of the i-phone, a gadget that, like the blackberry, seems designed to seduce us into yet more hours on the web. Has our internet dependence gone too far? Do we have an addiction or has the wired world simply given us the freedom to mix work and play? Are we so busy living in a virtual world that we have forgotten how to enjoy the real world?

Jef Sutherland, VP of Information Services for Kampgrounds of America
Heather Christianson, Sales associate at Adventure 16
Johanna Blakley, Deputy Director of USC's Norman Lear Center
Matt Richtel, Technology Reporter, New York Times (@mrichtel)

Reporter's Notebook David Beckham's Star Power Shines on LA Galaxy 10 MIN, 14 SEC

David Beckham is in Los Angeles, preparing to earn his $6 million-a-year salary. The soccer icon is also a major celebrity, the husband of Posh Spice, a global marketing brand and a major investment by the LA Galaxy who will no doubt bring unprecedented buzz to the game of soccer. That buzz began long before Beckham's arrival yesterday to an enormous reception by the media. But are fans as excited as the paparazzi? Though enormously popular with this country's Latino population, and with suburban kids and their parents who gather on playing fields all over the US, soccer's never achieved the media status enjoyed by other sports. Will Beckham make a difference? We ask Jamie Trecker of FoxSports.com and Andrew Gumbel of London's Independent.

Jamie Trecker, Senior Soccer Writer, Fox Sports
Andrew Gumbel, journalist and author

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