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President Obama will announce new deep-sea oil regulations tomorrow, and Friday he'll visit the Gulf coast for the second time since the spill.  Will BP finally have plugged the oil gusher?  We get a progress report today on what's called “Top Kill.”   Also, retiring the Space Shuttle Atlantis, and a month ago, the Obama Administration said the Mexican border was as secure as it's ever been. So why are 1200 National Guard troops needed to help law enforcement?

Banner image: Helix Q4000 on location of MC 252 as it prepares for "Top Kill" in the Gulf of Mexico, © BP p.l.c.

Making News Retiring the Space Shuttle Atlantis 7 MIN, 38 SEC

The space shuttle Atlantis made what's likely to be its last landing today at Cape Canaveral.  Robert Block, space editor for the Orlando Sentinel, called it "a beautiful, bittersweet homecoming," picture perfect and right on time.

Robert Block, Space Editor, Orlando Sentinel

Main Topic BP Attempts to Plug Well: Endless Oil, Endless Blame 39 MIN, 28 SEC

BP is preparing for "Top Kill," using mud to plug the broken oil well, if it concludes that high pressure won't cause new leaks in a weakened system. The company puts the chance of success between 60 and 70%. Meantime, there's new evidence of warning signs before the explosion and more testimony that federal rules for deep sea drilling amounted to self-regulation. Pressure is building on the Obama Administration to take more decisive action, but there are doubts that it has the expertise or the technology. We get a progress report on "Top Kill," update investigative hearings and hear what's happening to the habitats of fish, birds and people.  

Mark Schleifstein, Times-Picayune (@mschleifsteintp)
Satish Nagarajaiah, Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Rice University
Anna Fifield, US Political Correspondent, Financial Times
Tracy Kuhns, Bayou-keeper, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana
Jay Holcomb, Executive Director, International Bird Rescue Research Center
Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica (@AbrahmL)

Reporter's Notebook Obama to Send Additional National Guard Troops to the Border 3 MIN, 27 SEC

Just a month ago, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a Senate committee the US-Mexican border "is as secure as it has ever been." Yesterday, President Obama said that 1200 National Guard troops are on their way to the area.  What's changed? The National Guard will help law enforcement target the smuggling of drugs, guns and people, but not by making arrests or intervening directly. That's according to Ken Dilanian, who reports from Washington for the Tribune Company.

Ken Dilanian, NBC News (@KenDilanianNBC)

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