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This episode originally aired August 8, 2014.

The Cady 11 MIN, 11 SEC

First...Harold Bell grew up in the projects of Washington, DC. He took a job as a golf caddy to earn a little extra money. Unexpectedly one day, he ended up caddying for then Vice-President Richard Nixon. The chance meeting ultimately ended up scoring Harold a visit to the White House and a new job. His life was never the same.

Produced by independent producer Hans Anderson. Additional editing by Bob Carlson and Nick White.

Harold Bell has been a radio and TV talk show host, and has spent over 50 years working with at-risk youth in the Washington, DC area.


Harold Bell and his wife at the White House
Courtesy of Harold Bell

Elvis was a Shabbos Goy 6 MIN, 6 SEC

Then… The story of an orthodox Jewish family who lived above Elvis Presley’s family in a house in Memphis. They would often call on teenage Elvis to be their Shabbos Goy - the gentile who would perform "work" that religious Jews did not do while on the Sabbath or day of rest. In return, the Fruchter’s may have unwittingly influenced Elvis’ music.

Produced by Rob Sachs, with additional editing by Bob Carlson.

Elvis Presley with members of the Fruchter family
Courtesy of Chaim (Harold) Fruchter

Places with High Friends 11 MIN, 13 SEC

Finally… As Margaret was on the last day of her delightful “Tulips of Holland” cruise, she was approached by a group of elderly ladies who had a request. They wanted to venture into Amsterdam and learn to smoke pot… and they wanted Margaret to be their guide. A true story adapted from a screenplay written by Doug Bost about his sister Margaret, and read by the author. Except for Margaret, the names have been changed to protect elderly reputations.

Doug Bost is screenwriter and short story writer living in Brooklyn. He’s written a collection of stories called I Know You’re In There.


Doug Bost and his sister Margaret
Courtesy of Doug Bost

Tulips and cannabis on sale in an Amsterdam storefront
Courtesy of Doug Bost

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