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It's a celebration of mothers of every kind for the holiday…

Dylan Brody 5 MIN, 20 SEC

First…. A short little story about the crossed wires between a mother and her adult children. There's something about speaking across the generations that makes almost any conversation about movies, music, or technology more complicated than it needs to be. Storyteller Dylan Brody has just that kind of relationship with his mother. In this story, he takes a call as he drives across town.

Dylan Brody is a humorist, storyteller, comedian, author and playwright living in Los Angeles

Dylan Brody
Photo courtesy Dylan Brody

Margot Leitman 7 MIN, 45 SEC

Next…. a story about a girl trying to forge her way and express herself in the stifling, bureaucratic, restrictive dystopia known as the American middle school. When she wears her brand new flashy outfit to school one day, (an outfit she bought with 8th grade birthday money), it lands her in the principals office. At that point, there's only one person who can save her…. and Mom is coming in with a bad attitude.

Margot Leitman is a storyteller, comedian, writer and teacher based in Los Angeles. Her next book, Long Story Short: the only storytelling guide you'll ever need, comes out this October from Sasquatch Books and is available for pre-order now. The story was mixed by UnFictional associate producer Nick White.

Margot Leitman and her mother
Photo courtesy Margot Leitman

Long Story Short (EBK)

Margot Leitman

Kirsten Wasson 8 MIN, 36 SEC

Then… in many ways, a mother makes us what we are. It's the ideal mom that makes us a better person, even when she's not around. As storyteller Kirsten Wasson flies to go visit her mom, she thinks about all the things her mother has given to her, and how much she can take with her when mom is gone.

Kirsten Wasson is a writer and teacher, and recent transplant to Los Angeles.

Kirsten and her mother
Photo courtesy Kirsten Wasson

Bob Carlson 4 MIN, 34 SEC

Finally… as a bonus tale, Bob Carlson tells the story of his tough-as-nails mother, and what happened after she broke her hip while fetching her garbage cans. The story was recorded during UnFictional Night at the 2015 Riot LA Alternative Comedy Festival.

Bob Carlson is the host and producer of this program. The story was recorded by Alex Pfender.

Bob Carlson at Riot L.A.
Photo by Jeremiah Garcia

Banner image: Miami U. Libraries - Digital Collections


Bob Carlson

Bob Carlson

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