Witch Hunt

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The Salem Witch Trials resulted in 19 people being hanged, convicted of witchcraft. The evidence against them consisted mostly of the dreams and visions of a group of young women. What caused these girls to exhibit such strange behavior, and how did their “spectral evidence” stand up in court? According to a recent historian, the reasons have parallels with the modern day. 

Produced by Eric Molinsky. Edited by Nick White and Bob Carlson.

Eric Molinsky is a radio producer and illustrator based in New York. He’s the host of Imaginary Worlds, a podcast of science fiction, fantasy, and fairy tales.


A group of young witch trial re-enactors in Salem, Massachusetts
Courtesy of Eric Molinsky

Banner: A witch about to be hanged at the Salem wax museum. Courtesy of Eric Molinsky.


Bob Carlson

Bob Carlson, Eric Molinsky