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For the sixth time since Mayor Villaraigosa took office, LA's Department of Water and Power has a new general manager today. We hear what Ron Nichols has to say about rate hikes, renewable energy and a powerful public union. Also, a conversation the LAPD's Inspector General about officers who killed a almost naked man early Friday morning in the upscale Playa Vista development. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, the rulers of the Arab world are watching and so are their subjects, as an unprecedented revolution plays itself out in Tunisia. We get the latest.    

Making News Shooting at Gardena High School 6 MIN, 40 SEC

Two students at Gardena High School were shot today after a fellow student brought an automatic weapon on to the campus in a backpack. One is in critical condition at Harbor UCLA Medical Center. The LA Unified School Police say the gun appears to have accidentally discharged when the backpack was laid on a desk. David Lopez is a reporter for KCAL Channel 9 News.

Dave Lopez, KCAL 9 News

Main Topic Ron Nichols Becomes New GM at LA DWP 10 MIN, 52 SEC

The LA Department of Water and Power now has its sixth general manager since Antonio Villaraigosa became mayor in 2005. Ron Nichols was confirmed today by the City Council. He has 30 years of experience in the utility industry, most recently at Navigant Consulting in Seattle.

Ron Nichols, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
David Zahniser, Los Angeles Times (@DavidZahniser)

Reporter's Notebook LAPD Shooting of Reggie Doucet 8 MIN, 38 SEC

Reginald Doucet, who played football at El Comino College and Middle Tennessee State, was shot to death Friday morning near his home on the west side of Los Angeles. The LAPD had been called because the Playa Vista resident was naked and disruptive. Two officers talked him into putting on shorts, but he allegedly became combative and tried to seize their weapons. One officer shot twice and Doucet died at a nearby hospital. The LAPD says the cops were "fighting for their lives," but civil rights activist Earl Ofari Hutchinson is not satisfied with that explanation.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson, journalist and civil rights activist (@earlhutchinson)
Nicole Bershon, Inspector General, LA Police Commission

Main Topic Can Tunisia Change the Arab World? 25 MIN, 13 SEC

After weeks of massive protests, Tunisia's dictatorial President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled the country on Friday. Yesterday, his Prime Minister formed a unity-government, but today four members of the opposition resigned and clashes continued between police and protesters on the streets of Tunis.

David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times (@ddknyt)
Mona Eltahawy, syndicated columnist (@monaeltahawy )
Rami Khouri, syndicated columnist, senior fellow at the Belfer Center and professor of public policy at the American University of Beirut (@RamiKhouri)
Juan Cole, University of Michigan (@jricole)

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