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Governor Brown signed $14 billion in budget reductions today, but the second half of his plan to close the budget gap is in trouble, not just in Sacramento, but with the voters. What's next on the cutting board? Did Costa Mesa move too fast when it laid off almost half its workers, prompting one to jump off the roof of City Hall? Also, what was President Obama doing in El Salvador, Central America's tiniest Country?  On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, America's "nuclear renaissance" and Fukushima.

Banner image: Governor Jerry Brown stands next to a chart that shows dollar amounts in the millions that were cut from California's budget following a bill signing on March 24, 2011 in Sacramento. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Making News Crisis PR in Costa Mesa 7 MIN, 53 SEC

Last month, the Costa Mesa City Council sent pink slips to almost half its 450 municipal employees, prompting a four-year maintenance worker to jump to his death from the roof of City Hall. The entire fire department might be outsourced. Responding to outrage, even from some self-identified conservative Republicans, city officials promised "the nation's most transparent government" — and then refused to answer reporters' questions. They wanted to ask how a city with a big hole in its budget could hire a new spokesman for $3000 a week. He is William Lobdell, veteran editor of the Daily Pilot.

William Lobdell, City of Costa Mesa

Main Topic Brown Signs Budgets Cuts, Faces Resistance on Tax Measure 11 MIN, 32 SEC

Jerry Brown today signed $14 billion in budget cuts, including $5.8 billion in social services and support for the developmentally disabled and the mentally ill. But, he says, that's not the end of the story. The Governor reminded voters that the state still faces making many more drastic cuts if additional revenue is not found. We get details on today's events and a preview of what's to come.

Steve Harmon, Contra Costa Times
Jerry Roberts, Host of “Newsmakers with Jerry Roberts”

Reporter's Notebook California's El Salvador Connection 6 MIN, 27 SEC

Yesterday, President Obama stopped off in El Salvador, a country now caught up in the Mexican drug trade, but news coverage was overwhelmed by the attack on Libya. While he was there he visited the grave of Archbishop Oscar Romero. That was the most dramatic moment of his trip to Latin America, according to Tracy Wilkinson of the Los Angeles Times.

Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times (@TracyKWilkinson)

Main Topic The 'Nuclear Renaissance' and Fukushima 26 MIN, 10 SEC

The 'Nuclear Renaissance' and FukushimaAs the danger of radiation exposure grows in Japan, President Obama has called for a safety review of existing nuclear plants. But he still plans new ones as part of America's "green energy" future. Others say nuclear power is not safe enough and that it's too expensive.  

Indian Point nuclear plant, located 24 miles north of New York City: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Peter Bradford, formerly, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
James Connaughton, Constellation Energy
Anthony Froggatt, Chatham House

On Nuclear Terrorism

Michael Levi

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