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Israel says the attacks won't end until Hamas stops firing rockets across the border.  Hamas says that won't happen. European leaders work for immediate ceasefire, while the US is thinking long term. On this rebroadcast of To the Point, we update the fighting and the diplomacy. Also, on Which Way, L.A.?, former Congressman Leon Panetta has been named by Barack Obama to head the CIA. We hear about him, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Californians in national jobs. Are they giving the state new clout in Washington? 

Reporter's Notebook No Budget but Plenty of New Laws

The new year means new laws for California. Governor Schwarzenegger signed 771 bills last year, on subjects ranging from text messaging while driving to pet trusts and electronic bingo machines. Most of them took effect January 1, as Patrick McGreevy reports in the Los Angeles Times.

Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times (@mcgreevy99)

Making News Leon Panetta, Obama's Surprise Pick to Head the CIA

Democrat Leon Panetta of Monterey served in Congress for 17 years. He was Bill Clinton's budget director and chief of staff, and he was part of the Iraq Study Group. He's well regarded as a competent, nonpartisan manager, but he does not have direct, hands-on experience in intelligence. His reported appointment to head the CIA comes as a surprise.

Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
Greg Treverton, Director, Rand Corporation's Center for Global Risk and Security

Main Topic California's Growing Clout in DC

Leon Panetta is just the latest Californian to assume an important new role in Washington. Nancy Pelosi is House Speaker, LA Congresswoman Hilda Solis will be Secretary of Labor, Steven Chu of UC Berkeley's National Radiation Laboratory, will be Secretary of Energy, and LA Deputy Mayor Nancy Sutley will run the White House Council on Environmental Quality. In addition, Congressmen Henry Waxman, George Miller and Howard Berman all chair House committees; Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein are senior members of the Senate. Californians have achieved great heights in Washington.  What will that mean for the state?

Barbara Sinclair, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, UCLA
Jonathan Wilcox, Adjunct Professor of Journalism, USC

Party Wars

Barbara Sinclair

Main Topic After 10 Days, No Let-up in Gaza

The invasion of Gaza is ten days old and there's no sign of a slowdown as Hamas vows to continue firing rockets across the border and Israel vows to continue until they stop.  More than 500 Palestinians have died in the past 10 days; 2600 have been wounded. Five Israelis have died from Hamas rocket fire. While European leaders work for a ceasefire, the US says it has to be "durable and sustainable." We update the fighting and the diplomacy.

Kevin Peraino, Jerusalem Bureau Chief, Newsweek
Uri Dromi, Miami Herald
Daoud Kuttab, Al Monitor (@daoudkuttab)
Aaron David Miller, Wilson Center (@aarondmiller2)

The Much Too Promised Land

Aaron David Miller

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